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  • Thanks for everyone who is coming on the day and to those that have helped before hand too.

    A big thank you to Will, Dave and Dan who have helped arrange the meeting and cajoled British Cycling and HH to get us approved and legit.

    On the day we need certain jobs to be undertaken and from the list of volunteers we have put together the following list:

    To confirm the job roles agreed last night:

    Job roles
    Car park directors: Sam & Sam
    Sign on executives: Jason, Dan, Denny - Licence management.
    MC: Dommy
    Whip: Jon/Dan
    Track Gate marshal: Jason/Dov
    Track Side marshal: Ved
    Judges: Dan, Ricky and Will.
    Results: Steve Dubtap.
    Head Bell and Lap management: Sam`
    General Help/holders: Steve Parker, Denny, Geraint, Andy Han and Gutchings.
    Photography: Monkey
    Chief Organiser DaveMac
    Head of refreshments: DaveMac
    Prize giving: Ricky

    If you want to swap roles, please feel free.

    Please can the sign on helpers be there by 12.30 so we are set up and ready to go for 1pm start. Everyone else please get there as close to 1pm as possible so we can help set up and Dave can run through any last minute instructions for the marshals etc.

    Please can you make sure you are wearing a Grupetto T-shirt and cap so you can easily be identified in a crowd. If you don't have a cap we have some for sale and I can bring them with me on the day. If you haven't got a t-shirt can you shout as I'm sure someone on here will have a spare.

    Lastly, please invite friends and family to come down an watch a bit of the racing, it would be nice to get a good crowd and then again at Canopy afterwards. We are going to be playing some of Wayne's bright times tunes at Canopy so it should be a good finish to the day.

    Thanks again everyone.


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