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  • Looking back its all a bit bizarre . I arrived in Bristol in 1991 as a long haired , middle class , indie kid. By complete fluke I became friends with some of the "cool kids" and next thing I was sharing Red Stripe with Daddy G at a house party, smoking spliffs with Rae & Christian and Roni Size's Reprazent crew back stage at The Thekla, buying records with Geoff Barrow and other dj's , hanging out behind the decks with James Lavelle , DJ Shadow and Krush , nodding at their record selection like I knew something as they played the Blue Mountain.

    I also ended up partying with Matt Pritchard and his mates pre Dirty Sanchez which looking back was a bit odd .

    The flip side was that there was a dark side, my friends had a gun put on the table when they attempted to buy a large quantity of weed from someone, seeing people in the squat scene end up on smack , getting mugged , barricading your flat door as the dealer next door is getting his kicked in by an unhappy customer..

    These days an artisan coffee and a sour dough pizza are much more my cup off tea.


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