• I've drafted rider and worker/spectator lists below. We need to finalise them asap.

    Please can you:

    • Correct anything that is wrong on the rider/helper/spectator list
    • State your food choice of bacon, veggie, or vegan (including your family if they're coming)

    I'd also like:

    • A volunteer (or two) to take over the catering from Dan & Eb (as they need to get back early)

    Try not to post any irrelevant waffle (difficult I know...) as I'd like to sort this all out promptly.

    Riders (confirmed)
    @Pete [bacon]
    @Demeaux [bacon]
    @Sam [bacon]
    @Geraint [bacon]
    @PhilChannon [bacon]

    Riders (unconfirmed)

    @Ricky (start line time keeper)
    @Will (finish line organiser) [bacon]
    @Dan and Eb followed by @Sam (catering)

    The @Demeaux family [bacon X 3]
    The @Ved family
    The @Jim family


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