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  • And retrospectively, Banana Bob.

    I have been commuting on my Kinesis GF Ti. It is a lovely frameset and made a good ride, but I had two issues:

    1) It killed my upper back. Ok for the commute, but anything longer and it was too painful. It think it was a tad too long my inflexible mamil self. Even with the commute it caused issues.
    2) I kept lusting after old steel frames, in a battered, jaunty, commuter style. Really missed my old Holdsworth that cracked.

    So I looked about for steel frames. Found a 53cm 'vintage' Bob Jackson for £100. Bought it and swapped the parts off the GF.

    So far loving it. It does lack clearance with guards, so am currency running 23c tyres again, but am hoping I can get 25c under there when spring arrives (which it seems to have done already!)


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