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  • We don't have many rules, that's just not us, but we do have a few guidelines that help keep our club special, if you like how they sound why not join us for club ride. If you can't ride by them, that's cool, there'll be a club that suits you more, just remember to wave and say hello as we pass each other on the road.

    The club was started by two mates who wanted a relaxed environment to ride with friends, both old and new. Friendship and a good attitude are at the core of the club, keep this in mind and everything will be OK. Forget this, act like an idiot, and you'll not be asked to renew you subs next year.

    Ride in club kit. It's the best looking kit in London. If you want to wear something else on a club ride, find another club.

    Sunday is club riding day, rain or shine, 9am at Richmond Park cafe. Depart promptly. Being a member of Grupetto means you should try and make these.

    We don't just ride Sundays. Find your club mates of similar ability and start something!

    Use the forum, chat online with your club mates. If you need it, ask here, someone knows.

    Once a year we go away together (Ghent, Flanders, whatever), plan to come along.

    We do one event a year. Compete in it or help to organise it. They're the only options.

    You're in the Grupetto. Smile and roll in with your mates.

    We are not team Sky. We were here before them and we'll be hereafter they have changed their kit again.


Club rules

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