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  • I've just bought a years subscription to TrainerRoad to try and get the best out of my smart trainer. Any tips?

  • chuck it in the bin

  • How are you doing it ?
    On a phone / tablet or on a computer?

    I'm doing the cyclocross low volume plan. Sweet spot first then something else then something else. I'm taking the time when I can, I think I'm 9k for tonight.

    Id imagine you might be able to jump straight into whatever you want to do.

  • Have you got dongles/otg/ battery pack have you got fan(I don't use one, I do my stuff outside. I may need an umbrella though)

  • I'm planning on doing the low volume general build plan and mixing it with actual outdoor cycling.

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  • I'll be using my phone as the HRM I have is only ANT+ but the turbo is ANT+/Bluetooth

    I guess I could buy a bluetooth HRM but it's another bloody £35

  • 8 minute FTP tonight and at the end of the program to see if any diff.

  • My gainz Re immense since I move to a proper turbo.

    I think. My new tocx vortex arrive Wednesday

  • I bought a phone back to glue a Garmin mount on (but it's for thewrong phone) an otg thing that should let me charge and use a dongle (it doesn't, my phone port is wonky). I'm at the point of taking my knackered nexus to the shop for a new screen or buying a new tablet to sweat over. But that'll be 70 quid I think.

  • what's the goal here Dov?

  • Gains.

  • You could get an ANT+ dongle for your PC. £20 or so, sometimes cheaper.

  • Chinese generic ANT+ dongle from Ebay are about $10 posted works fine.

    I'd wait a bit before doing first test as you can get technically better at riding a turbo without anything physiologically changing.

    Sainsbury's have some big 18 inch circulators in store for £30 odd too

  • what's the goal here Dov?

    In order of magnitude:

    1. Be the best on the Club Run
    2. Keep up in the A's
    3. Contest the A's
  • I just bought this. Went for red as it's the fastest.

  • what turbo do you have Dov?

  • I may have a big fan of anyone wants it. I don't think I'll ever be training in doors....

  • may actually have interest in this

  • Dov, will you be using a power meter with this? Or have you got one of those turbos with one in?

  • I've got a PM on my road bike and in the turbo.

  • I did try erg mode with my own power meter on TR, but it was unusable. So I'd say if you do want to use erg mode yourself, use the trainer as the power meter.

  • Although that's me assuming the phone app has the ability to control the trainer in erg mode.

    Get an ANT+ stick, much easier :0)

  • Just did the FTP test.
    264w, 159LTHR at 81kg, 3.3w/kg

    Basically, crap.

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Turbo Thread

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