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  • I have a serious question.
    I've seen an Isla bike for 50 quid. It's the next size up for Miriam. Problem is it's a bit tatty (no real problem). However, there's a fairly deep scratch in the head tube (probably from one of those tag along things).
    I know, or remember reading, that scoring aluminium isn't such a great thing to do. So.
    Should I buy it, with the plan of trying to get it repainted in the indigo and green colourscheme she's described to me (with lightning bolts) and if I could sort out a bell that when "dinged" made lightning bolts shoot out and thunder crashes? Or, should I just buy a different bike?

  • Buy it.

  • OK. I will/have.

  • I doubt Miriam will stress it enough to be an issue.

  • Seabass cycles in Peckham are a good shout for getting it re-painted

  • That was the plan or armourtex.
    Would like to keep cost sensible.

  • Damotex

  • Bargain...good work Damo.

  • Jonesy can we have some more photos of your posh CX bike.

  • I should do quick before it is out poshed by Mr Andrew Powers

  • You've at least a month I think. Even then, it might be fitted with re-used components from last season's bike, so won't be uber posh.

  • Design brief:
    Green at the front, purple at the back, metal flakes in paint.
    Lightning bolts - on crank arms, possibly on frame.
    Bell that goes "crash".
    Possibly this:­/the-mini-hornit.html

  • Why are kids so noisy?

  • Because it's really noisy in their heads. I think.

    Imagine this:
    all those weird symbols suddenly become legible. it'd feel like the whole world was shouting at you right?

  • Fuck yeah. Warranty replacement frame from the big S.

    The workshop manager at a certain Evans branch has quite the laissez-faire attitude to concepts like "making money for my employer"; Di2 battery mount + shorter Di2 cable added, old bike completely stripped, cleaned and rebuilt with new brakes cables etc. and I was charged 6 pounds for a new FD clamp only. He will get some beer.

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  • Though he could have cut the bloody steerer and ditched the spacers.

  • result!

  • Noice!!!

  • Getting better; because it turned into a bit of a saga Evans HQ have given me a 50 quid voucher as an apology for all the free stuff their employee hooked me up with or something.

  • Good work!

    In light news, I got one of those xeccon guinea 1 lights. It's bright.

    Battery pack wire and remote switch though. Currently trying to set it up so the wires aren't trailing in the wind....

  • I guess Evans must do warranty related labour at no cost as the Dulwich store didn't charge any labour for sorting out my Trek recently, whereas the level of work would have been £60 on their normal price list

  • Yeah when I booked it in the guy said it would probably be a silver service or something due to full strip down and build, but maybe Specialized pick up that tab.

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Current Projects

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