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  • @hippy s new whip:

  • I could make it uglier... but not much.

  • You're not wrong. Sanded right back, then coated with aluminium oxide primer followed by a top coat of satin black. Not the best job in the world (see ridge from being taped up), but on a frame that's got plenty of scratches and dings on it that doesn't bother me in the slightest. At least the dropout shouldn't fall apart for a while!

  • Excellent, thanks

  • Looks amazing. I've dropped you a private message

  • Woof

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  • Was in Dr Bob studio yesterday and stuff coming out of there shits on anything painted by Cole Coatings et al

    The finish on my bike is mint. Can't really photograph it properly to do it justice. Will get some proper photos when I build it up.

    DA Di2 9000
    Hope Hubs on Boyd Altamont Ceramic
    Zipp Sl80 bars / Fizik tape.

  • posh

  • Looks ace. Nice wérk Doct0rB0b

    Ved my tape is this stuff. Is much goodness­-classic-handlebar-tape/

    However that frameset looks like a BusyMan bicycles bar tape/saddle combo would literally break Instagram

  • all funds splurged on completely unnecessary rim upgrade...

  • You do love a bit of unnecessary rimming action though

  • Surely you have ‘washed’ this all through the marketing pot old boy

  • Afraid I cant comment on who paid for @Ved 's slick new paint. .... can confirm he has a very generous offshore 'marketing' department though!

  • Also, I dont think I 'shit all over' other painters, I just have a different aproach to the process than most!
    Cole are very good at what they do. Better than me at a lot of aspects of finishing for sure.... I think it's my creativity that is my biggest asset, rather than my finishing skills. Most of the other painters out there look at it the other way round. Fat Creations for example... his finishes are totally flawless.... but the stuff he does is just plain ugly at best most of the time!
    It's all subjective at the end of the day though, innit.

    Not better, just different.

  • Obviously above is my opinion. But should be highly regarded as I’m a clear cut taste maker / influencer ...

    Haven’t seen a single fat creations paint I’ve liked.

  • You are far too modest @Bobbiego.

  • #shedgoals

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  • Ali has done some brilliant paintjobs. I really like Paul's Porklyn. It's unbelievable well done.

  • Argon 18 gave me a LOL bike to play with. So aero I might be able to average 22kph over 10 minutes.
    With a tailwind.

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  • Once painted are you going to be able to give it to someone to test??



  • Anything?

  • “ Would do anything to be on TV “

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Current Projects

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