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  • There are all sorts of fluorescent proteins. I reckon you can have a yellow rabbit now.­FP-ww/cooluses8.html

  • Fuck sake De Rosa troll game on point 👌

  • I had a chortle. Well done De Rosa.

  • Oh dear.

  • What De Rosa are you expecting Dov?

  • He’ll get what he’s given.

  • Meanwhile, Dave O’Neill is gutted he hasn’t got his seatpost, but happy with his new brown metal bike.

  • A Nuovo Classico

  • Very nice. Not sure the yellow seatpost will look right on that ;-)

  • Balfe's Bikes in East Dulwich built up a new S-Works Tarmac frame for me, but slightly damaged it in the process 😞

    Noticed as soon as getting home. Went straight back to show them, but they're distancing themselves from it.

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  • How would you have them resolve it?

    If it were your choice.

  • I wasn’t sure what to expect, but thought they should know they slightly damaged the frame. I’m a bit miffed they marked it then made out it couldn’t have been them

  • I wouldn't lose sleep over that @Geraint

    Not even sure what we're looking at here?

  • Looking forward to seeing that tomorrow G!

  • Mercian looks nice G.

  • Classic example of why good mechanics cost good money.

    You get what you pay for with skilled work like this.

  • TBF to them, maybe they didn't do it?

  • It definitely didn't happen on the 2 minute journey home from the shop and it's impossible to have been there when I dropped it off as the calliper pre-caballing would have hit a different spot

  • All I'm saying is it's a small nick, anyone could have done it or not done it. It's just the sort of thing you'd might not have noticed had it left the factory like that.

  • Anyway. Pics of complete bike PLZ ?!

  • Maybe I overdid the black....

    Still need to sort out the right amount of headset spacers as I didn't write down one of the measurements from the old bike

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  • Big ring!


  • Lovely bike @Geraint That looks like you have direct mount brakes but the centre screw from a dual pivot is still there, and at extreme turning of the fork is fouling the side. Direct mount don't have that centre silver bolt. Also you can see it is stopping the direct mount bolts from being fully tightened. Am no expert but they have installed your brakes wrong.

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  • Yes that’s what caused the mark. They’re the new SRAM direct mount. The silver protrusion is what the spring attaches to and isn’t removable, so it’s just how they are

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Current Projects

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