Road Racing and Training 2016

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  • Willow Walk, SE1

  • Just been confirmed I am unavailable tomorrow. Thursday and Friday's are best and I could do with 7 days to get my application in. (Life will be easier in a bit)

  • I've got one you can borrow if you'd like, I could deliver too, so give you something to start with until you can arrange collection from Dov?

  • Use both turbos and then normalise your results.

  • That would also be wonderful..
    What's the average of rubbish?

  • It's all estimated bollocks when using a dumb trainer.

    Ride the bike on your turbo again but tell TR that you have it on a higher resistance setting. A nice tempo effort should be around 180-200 watts. You don't even have to do it as a test, just do a free ride session. That's what I had to do to get a reasonable figure with my old dumb trainer, it read far too low, but not as low as yours!!!

  • It's not really that. My turbo feels like it's on a weird resist level. I can't even turn the cranks properly on resistance level 1 and low gear. I should be able to spin that. I can't. I'm not that shit.
    I hope.

  • Can you manually adjust the cable where it goes into the turbo? I also had to do that. Level 2 (out of 6) on my old Blackburn was too spinny, but 3 was like riding through treacle. I loosened the cable off a bit until it was usable on level 3.

    Welcome to borrow my turbo as well, third in line :0) It's a Tacx Vortex, smart turbo, not 'that' accurate but not too far off. You calibrate it using an app until you know the roller is at just about the right pressure on the tyre.

  • FWIW, I reckon Miriam can put out 44 watts for an hour.

  • I'll have a poke around the back of it all.

    Miriam probably could if you told her it would go past her bedtime.....

  • Tell me about it. Edie's just gone to sleep I think...

  • Wait! I thought yours were all in bed and asleep by 730!!??

  • We've been trialling Edie putting herself to bed. With hindsight, we should've started on a Friday, so she didn't have me getting home from Cambridge as she went to bed.

  • Well done Edie! That's proper grown up stuff there. Impressive.🤓

  • It pays to be old, fat, and slow. Winner winner chicken dinner!

  • Ha! Love it

  • My season is officially over, before it really got started, with my best 25 mile time for 2 years, a 58:43 up near Cambridge.

    I've heard a couple of people muttering about TTing recently, so get more involved next season and give one a go! You can see how much fun they are in this pic from a 10 way back on a cold April morning.

  • I'm going to give it year for sure.

  • Nice one Tom 👍🏼

  • Well done Sam.

    Also keen to give it a go sometime.

  • Why not start now with the hill climb season? It's a nice, gentle introduction to the time trialling world.

  • Very impressive :) And almost a minute off your other award-winning ride.

  • It is a beautiful way to start!

  • hehe

    "I can taste blood..."

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Road Racing and Training 2016

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