Track training and racing 2016

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  • Dan, you might have a problem with your BC membership. You were placed 4th in the points race on Saturday but you're down as cat "N/A" given 0 BC points

  • Yeah I just realised I messed up and didn't buy a full license this season - will update it now. Bugger.

    Doesn't explain why I was 4th though..

  • The only way you could have got equal 4th with two other riders is if they gave your sprint win to one of the guys that came 1st (probably) or 2nd

  • Casual appearance from Mr Wiggins at track league last night.

  • Wow. Man of the people.

    And isn't it Sir Brad?

  • Most important question: did he lounge in a deckchair?

  • They were doing some filming for a documentary or something. Still, he was happy to pose for photos etc.

  • Negative

  • :sadface

  • He was wearing white jeans :-/

  • Verified on social media so it did happen.

    In related celeb spot news I saw Kate Moss on the way home last night. I stopped to let her use the pedestrian crossing by Sloane Square. Sadly no social media proof so I might be "pulling a Gove".

  • Paul Weller has a lot to answer for.

  • My best mate from school is/was married to Kate Moss.

  • Did you see that Facebook bantz about Paul Weller? Made me laugh.­739241170321190912

  • How did Dan do in the meet?

  • Yeah, I was wondering that too. I think Andy was there as well?

  • Has anyone heard from him?

  • He's off work today and been watching GoT.

  • I was there spectating (in theory). But had persuaded Edie to bring her bike so she could try out the off road bits around the back. I then spent most of the afternoon chasing her around to help her with the bits she was a bit fearful of. It was ace.

    I saw Dan do well in what I think was a points race for sprinters (that's what it looked like anyway as they were all knackered after 3 laps). Edie and I were cheering him on in that, although Edie was mainly heckling Jim (Hillbilly).

  • Ah that was the sprinters scratch. Pretty lolz race - some of the most terrifying bunch racing I've ever done - people bouncing off each other all over the shop. I raced smart and got 3rd in it.

    Great day overall - very long one though (sign on at 9,30, last race at 4pm). Did a decent 200 time, did alright in my sprint heats, got annihilated by big boys in the Keirin, that 3rd place.. then drank all the beer. Great meet run by Brixton.

  • Well done Dan

  • I missed the start, so wasn't sure what the format was, but the injections of pace suggested it was a points race. I saw you got third at the end, well done! It did look a bit ragged though.

  • Good work Dahn!

  • Nice one Dan, you must be pleased with that

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Track training and racing 2016

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