Tour De France 2016

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  • What's going to happen?

  • I really wish that Quintana would race more during the season. It's really boring to get to a week before the TDF without any real indication of form.

  • I would love Froome to lose 2-3 minutes in the first week. Last year he was only under pressure during the last couple of days and that's when it got interesting.

  • Does anyone have a summary of the route? I'm a bit out of touch this year? What are the TT's like?

  • From The Comic

  • I have just asked to have Thursday 14 July off to watch the Ventoux day.

  • ooh. Might be able to get most of that off too. Beer? Cycling?

  • Both. Maybe a ride in the morning, featuring my Kentish Nemesis (the hard side of Toys) then back for beer and TdF.

    I quite like watching cycling at home on my own telly, I'd be happy to host a small gathering in my living room.

    Alternatively, sitting in a quiet pub or preferably at Canopy (if they have a screen) is an option.

  • Inrng always;

    First TT is 38 kms, relatively flat, but rolling. Second one is uphill, but on a fairly regular road so not too steep, but very short at 17 kms.

    For me, it comes down to whether Quintana's physical progression has taken him up to Froome's level yet. If it has he will challenge strongly, if it hasn't then Froome will take it again. Looking at Movistar's team, I think they'll be susceptible to getting caught out on flat stages again. Contador is a busted flush, so won't challenge for the win.

  • Surely for the Ventoux stage you have to go up Exedown? :0)

  • I'll be in Brittany to watch the first three stages. It's a very mountainous parcours this year. My favourite is Quintana this year.

  • I mentioned it in a thread elsewhere - but are we going to do fantasy TDF this year?

  • Time to swap Bouhanni out of your fantasy team. He got involved in an altercation with some noisy guests at the hotel he was staying at prior to the French National Champs on Sunday. It ended up with him sustaining a hand injury, reportedly from where he punched someone, and that's going to keep him out of the Tour.

  • He's such a tit.

  • What fantasy team?!

    Anyway, as if I would have him in my team of hitters ..

  • This is the one we have done for the last two years.

    But to mix things up, we could set a league up on here:

    Either way, I won't be as involved as I normally am this year as I'm on holiday for the first two weeks (including watching the early stages of the Tour), so I'm sure I wouldn't be able to win a fifth title in a row :-)

  • Velogames is a bit rubbish - no daily transfers... and they always mess up the calculations

  • But it wouldn't feel right without you winning... :)

  • Okay - so I've set up a league - ID is 77111

  • Good stuff. I'll sign up later/tomorrow.

  • ive joined

  • I have signed up, and applied to join our league. Hopefully Dan will let me in.

    If you are going to play then sign up quickly as it says this on the website that new accounts need to be approved by the administrators (because of spam) and they are only doing that until 8pm.

    In other words if you try to do it this evening or later you'll probably miss the first stage.


    League ID: 77111

    @Dan - I assume we're playing the "Tour de France standard" competition?

  • Just signed up. Need to wait for them to approve it.

  • Yep that's the one

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Tour De France 2016

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