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  • "G'day, If you're new to CS Grupetto why not say hello and introduce yourself, we don't bite [well, Ricky does sometimes if he's not had enough cake ].

    It would be good to know a little bit about you and how you found out about the club"
    Big Daddy Wayne

    The old forum's hellos can be found here

  • I'll go first...

    I founded the club along with Wayne way back in 2007/8, I don't get out on the bike as much as I should these days but I'm trying to be more active.

    Have ridden Tour of Flanders many times and Paris Roubaix once. The first long ride I did was London Paris along with the original OGs and am planning on riding ToF once more this year.

    Favourite cycling place - Ghent 6 Day and the pink Flamingo bar and the little bar on the Ronde route. Most hated cycling place going down Ranmore in the wet.

  • Wayne and the originals

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  • Ronde

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  • Ghent 6...

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  • who's next?

  • Hello. I'm damo/Damian.

    I joined in 2010 I think. My descending, cornering, and mechanicing skills are legendary. I used to be just about better than average on a bike.

    Now I'm average, on a good day.

    I haven't ridden many of the "big things you're supposed to do on a bike". I have "raced" some hill climbs, I've done an evening 10 on a drag strip in Kent, and I've got changed in fields for cross races. And I've crashed at hillingdon.So, I've done some of the more mundane and normal stuff associated with bikes.

    I like evening riding and early morning starts, because of family, I dislike close passes and traffic.

    I do a passable impression of Ronnie Corbett.

  • I'm Dov.

  • Here I am on one of the cols I did this year.

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  • Hi I’m Dan,

    I’ve recently moved back from Canada after 2.5 years away and pretty amazed by quite how much bigger cycling has got in that time. I used to cycle the same route to work about 12 years ago and you’d see a small handful of committed riders – and now frankly they are everywhere – good to see. Cycling to work in Canada still drew stares and pretty unfunny jokes from colleagues: *“I thought you were the cycle courier*”, “*when are you going to get a car*” and “why are you covered in sweat?”

    I’ve just come back from a month and half cycle touring across central America – took it fairly easy, probably 1 day on two days off but would recommend to anyone a nice mixture of jungle, beaches and friendly people.

    In terms of my riding, apart from the occasional overseas trips and regular weekend rides, it’s mainly been commuting to and from work so I’m really excited to get into some group riding and longer rides.

    I’ve been out with Grupetto once, (this weekend) and hope there’s more to come!


  • Hi Dan, nice to see you again, welcome.

  • dat ass.

    What col is that?

  • Hi

    After riding a handful of club time trials as a private entry I became interested in riding full open TTs in 2011. Knowing Grupetto through the likes of Wayne, Hippy, Desi, Ved, Jaygee, Damo, etc from the heady days of west beers and/or TNRC via LFGSS I spoke with Wayne and was welcomed into the fold with open arms and a bit of a cuddle.

    Sadly, my participant as a full on club member is limited due to family issues, but am always extremely proud to represent Grupetto each time I slip into my skinsuit at TTs. After a false start last winter I am hoping to ride for Grupetto in some CX races this season.

    Here is me when I first started (baggy jersey, Sidi MTB shoes)

    This is me now.

    As you can see, nothing's really changed!

  • longer beard?

  • So much sexier as a full time wizard, Sam.

  • One of my favourite roads to have ridden

  • Welcome to the club Dan, look forward to seeing you on a ride sometime soon

  • Hi Dan, welcome!

  • Hi Dan, that's an impressive adventuring palmarès. Welcome to the club!

  • Shaved legs. Reduced drag from opened mouth by closing it a little. Marginal gains.

  • Another Dan? I thought we had a moratorium on Dans?

    (welcome Dan!)

  • Joined back in early 2009 off the back of selling Ved a place in the Surrey Rumble and meeting Wayne in a dodgy east end pub whilst riding in a Rollapulza event . ( I beat some couriers and was announced as the fastest estate agent in London).

    Cycling achievements are limited to "winning " a novice sportive back in 2008 ,placing consistently DFL in a number of National Track races for fat and old sprinters and being a member of the possibly the slowest ever team in the Surrey Rumble one year due to my unbelievable number of punctures ( and Desi's 3 course meal at one food stop).

    Every year I state I am going to cycle more and do some racing . So far I have failed on this for the last 5 years.....

  • Lolz I remember Desi's three course meal. I think we got a mention in Cycling Week for that days epic.

  • nice pics Dov, got anymore?

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Say hello...

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