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  • @dandan you still look like the dog. I can't stop looking at it!

  • I've never seen you naked from behind before

    Obvious lie

  • Black room. Berghain.

  • No room is black enough for me.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm Guy. I joined you for a Sunday ride a few weeks ago - great to meet some of you! Since then I been firstly having a lovely time and Bestival, and secondly regretting the time that I had at Bestival. Work has been largely a struggle today.

    Once the Olympics finished, I thought it was about time that I joined a cycling club. I've been cycling for about three years properly now, but have done it since I was very young as my dad was in love with the Tour and got us out every Sunday - he swore that a full English was the rest recovery food for a pro cyclist and I don't disagree. I've done non-organised London to Brighton several times, the lesser known London to Wolverhampton and London to Brussels via Norwich, and LEJOG last year.

    My dream is to win the lottery and set up a pro cycling team sponsored by Gregg's. Every rider will only be allowed to eat and drink things available in a standard Gregg's high street outlet. I think it has the makings of multi-grand tour success.

  • Welcome! You certainly sound like a Grupetto type of guy, Guy

  • Hi Guy, welcome.

  • Hello, and welcome! An admirable (and popular) approach to nutrition.

  • Hello Guy, welcome to the grupetto.

  • Hi everyone.
    My name is Tiago. I´m Portuguese and moved to London almost 3 years ago, after 8 living in Barcelona. I first joined the group to
    I came back to cycling about 5 years ago, after a long time away from two pedals (long gone teenager days). After a while on MTB, the London effect definitely kicked in with the road cycling fever and I decided on one after an intensive, exhausting and almost obsessive search for that bicycle that would allow me to stay fit and get rid of all the bad habits in my life (or at least I tried to convince myself about it). So here I am, still not fit, still stubborn (grumpy for some), still planning to become much faster in the future, and always thinking about all the good food and drinks I will be enjoying after a long cycling day.
    When I found out about Grupetto, while looking online for cycling clubs to join, I suddenly saw it all coming together. A serious and determined group, with a few rules but not weirdly competitive, with an eye on cycling, and another one in food, drinks and barbecues.
    It´s definitely all I need. Don´t even need to mention about how cool the jersey is (and for me the best rule is - cycling with the jersey because the club says it´s the coolest one no doubt). Not to mention the nice reception in the first ride with you guys. So thank you!
    I will probably be the last one on the hills, but will always be ready for pit stop and refreshments.

    See you soon,

  • Hey Tiago, welcome. Hope to meet you soon.

  • Hello!

  • Welcome Tiago, and good to meet you the other week. Look forward to more miles and beers in the future

  • Welcome Tiago :0)

  • Hello, my name is Anthony and my old buddy Denny has been saying for ages that I should get involved in the club - so am coming out on Sunday which should be good.. I live in Southfields and have had a go at quite a few little challenges over the years here and abroad including that Paris-Roubaix sportive (when my rear derailleur tore off, took out five spokes and I sat in a drainage ditch for 2 hours waiting for the wagon), the flanders thingy which was delightful, London to paris in 24 hrs (horrible as Garmin ran out of battery so we cycled down a motorway) and lots of other random long days out in Wales (Denny), France and Spain etc But mostly in the home counties ya ya red trousers....

  • Welcome!

  • Yes, welcome. Love the Aero bars!

  • Hi Ant, welcome. See you on Sunday.

  • Hi Anton :0)

  • Welcome Anton.

    Peppermint Aeros are best though.

  • hullo, welcome

  • Hi guys! Sorry for the radio silence since my intro. Just to say, I have disappeared but with a good reason. Our baby girl was born a few weeks back and my time is endless now, but so far, I not so much in control :)
    I am planning to be back on the saddle by January (I hope I won´t be up to 100kgs already)...
    Until then, have a great Christmas and I hope to see you soon!

  • Congratulations!

  • Congrats!

  • Congratulations! Hope to see you on the bike soon!

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Say hello...

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