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  • The Wayne Peach Memorial Open track meeting is being hosted on the 6th August. The organising 'committee' has been working hard to keep the spirit of previous years and, with thanks to our kind sponsors, we again have some great prizes.

    The programme has been approved and we have the Head Commissionaire and first aiders in place so we are nearly ready to go. Dave will post a list of jobs we need to fill on the day and this would be a good time to remind everyone of one of the few club rules so if you want to ride please say so, otherwise please put your name against a job role once the list is posted.

    Canopy is also supplying the beer for the day and also giving us the venue for and after meeting party so remember to keep your evening clear and invite your friends.

    Thanks to Dave, Will and Dan for helping us get this far. Please get involved and make it a great day.

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  • Big thank you to everyone who came yesterday and helped out or rode .I think we managed to keep the gaffer happy .

    The day went with any major hitches and the riders all seem to have enjoyed it, so from that point it was a success.

    From a personal perspective I really appreciated everybody's help as without it , the day wouldn't happen. From car park direction to opening/closing the gate, signing people in to mega phone calling out, entertaining the crowd on the mic to organising the sprinting , lifting things to judging , ringing the bell to blowing a whistle ,it all counts.

    I just wanted to big up Andy for stepping in at last minute to co ordinate the results. It's a nightmare job but he did it faultlessly and it really helps at the end. I don't think we had one query on the results.

    The commisaires commented on all your efforts, saying a real team spirit and saying we put more effort in than any of the much bigger clubs . They also mentioned we are more fun ( but that might be because we provide them with more cider).

    Thank you Grupetto .

  • That was great. Got so much good feedback from riders, commies and spectators. It's impossible to communicate how much running something like that well raises the profile of the club. If we had delivered the same old meet, people would still be grateful but we really left our mark.

    The extra mile that we go to really makes a difference to those racing - so, many many thanks to everyone who helped it happen.

    I especially enjoyed the 'hacking' of the strict HHV open programme with silly primes and general mucking about.

    Big thanks to all the people who ended up with unglamorous jobs, like Andy, Denny and Jay (those are the ones that make it all happen). HUGE thanks to 'the committee' - Ricky, Dave and Will, who pretty much carried me. It's easy to say "it went really well" but SO much work goes into organising an event like that before hand, for that to be possible.

    Well done to G, Adam and Jon for repping the kit. Shout out to Mc Dommy J spitting dead pan bars all day.

    Special mention to Dave, who had to deal with BC and HHV (rock, hard place).

    Big thanks to our amazing sponsors too. Esp Matt and Stelle.

    Last, and most important; I think Wayne would have been chuffed with that - especially the collective grupetto effort. That one's for you, Gaffer.

  • I am gutted I missed this. Caught up via Instagram, it looked brilliant.

  • It was a stellar day. I think we are all relatively experienced now, we may have done at least 5 -6 track days now.

    It was a really cool vibe yesterday. The weather was awesome too.

    I have a bunch of photos I will post shortly.

    Well done team.

  • And a huge thanks from me too.

    And in particular for giving the magical appearance of smooth operation to things that had mostly been sorted out in advance but not quite finished off...

    That's how we roll and why everyone love us :)

  • I've stuck up a few photos on FB. Can't wait to see monkeys.

  • Great Pics Mark. Thanks very much. I'll post a public later today once I have downloaded a few and updated our website and Facebook pages.

  • Wow, amazing photos. Great job :)

  • The pics are excellent. Thank you so much.

  • Brilliant job Monkey, great set of shots. Thank you

  • Great pics mark πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

  • Photos are great. Amazing job Mark. Even had a professional snapper (and bike racer) tell me how impressed they were that you got great action shots with that depth of field :)

    I've had so many people contact me and tell me they had a great time on Saturday.
    Thank you all again.

  • Email from Chalky ,our chief commie:

    It was great fun, I always enjoy running a meeting with a bunch of nutters, just not sure if you are madder than Brixton!

    From riders etc:
    Thx again for organising a super event!

    Thank you very much for organising the track meet. Frank really enjoyed it, it was his first ride at Herne Hill, and we all enjoyed the beer.

  • I have to say, when I was handing back licences, SO many riders remarked on what a great day it had been and how well organised it was. It was clear we'd run an event that was a step above the norm.

  • Hi Vedran
    Wow did you take these photos? They are brilliant, thank you for sending me the link :o) would you mind if I printed some of them? It was a gorgeous day and great event, such a lovely atmosphere out in the sun.
    Cycling is a very small world, everyone seems connected! Do you ride/race at Herne Hill also?
    Many thanks &
    Best wishes

  • I think you need to tell her you're a married man with responsibilities

  • Ha ha! Who is Sarah?

  • One of the racers obvs.

  • I can email you your deets?

  • Yeah, but there must be some connection if you have emailed her some photos?

  • Via a BRCC rider.

  • Just so you know I am putting together some pages of results and pics on our website so I can drive traffic to it. From there, if its OK with Mark, I'll put a link to your iCloud page so people can see the full set. So for a while can you can keep the picture and results link under your hats.


  • Yeah, good plan. Will keep schtum.

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Track meeting

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