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  • Gutted to be missing out on the after-party.

  • Sorry I can't be there folks. I shall be there in spirit... in the cheese.

  • Sorry to miss this. Will be sad to not be there to help, and the pints after :-(

  • Naive question, but do I need to lock my bike up or will it be alright without? Would rather not lug a d-lock around...

  • At the track you will be fine, you can bring it into the centre and it will be nice and safe. Can't comment on Canopy though as I've only ridden there once.

  • You can hang your bike in track centre (at your own risk). Also, be aware that the rails are used by the combatants, and will be full and in constant use.

  • A driver (or two) might be willing to bring a D-lock

  • It's totally fine to hook your bike in track centre - it will be safe there.

  • You really don't need to bring locks

  • Canopy is pretty secure too.

  • I think Denny is (understandably) a little concerned about his lovely Mason :)

  • I leave my R5 with power2maxand, di2 and all the bells and whistles there on the hook there all the time. Just make sure it's somewhere it won't get bashed about and you'll be grand.

    Worst case scenario is you can lean it against the bench or something. It's much safer unlocked in sight of everyone than d-locked up to a post somewhere in the carpark

  • What size is it?

  • Bring to track centre. Will be fine. No lock needed.

  • Haha. I think I'll bring the commuter bike in any case :-)

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Sign up sheet

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