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  • Might not get used much but..

    Smiff - yesterday on Brixton Hill - nice to roll - he would like details of the picnic if that is ok
    Dommy - at bus stop (Bus ******) - earphones in so no hear my plea for attention

  • Aha, the old "I'm wearing headphones so I can safely ignore Sam" trick.

  • sniff

    I knew it

  • I was listening to Dire Straits sam, you had no chance.

    Funnily enough I think I saw Sam a few days before in Brixton.

    Just as I came out of the tube and saw someone in a Free as a bird jersey and by the time I'd worked out who it was and what to shout he'd gone.......

  • Will keep an eye out for ya. Why you no Brompton?

  • Got lazy after hols and haven't got back into the habit. On it today though

  • Heading down the north side of Ide Hill into Sundridge when I spot a rider coming up the hill, then notice he has a Grupetto jersey on, then realise it was @Sam. A very pleasant surprise and good to catch up.

  • Likewise @andyp, although don't forget, I was at home sick :0)

  • I heard you looked awful.

    I PB'd Star Hill for you btw.

  • Dov repping Grupetto on the Rapha website

  • I've done a good 1200km in that jersey since getting it.

  • Probably more than the rest of us put together

  • Pretty certain I've seen @Velocio a couple of times now, latest this morning, in the exact same spot, heading east on Wellesley Road. I'm the idiot on the Brompton heading the opposite direction.

    I also had a very brief chat with Dancing James this morning, at the lights on the junction with the A4 and Syon Lane. Hadn't seen him for years.

  • I was wondering who that was. Spotted the CS Grupetto kit and by the time I'd registered that and looked back were both too far down the road to have shouted a hello.

    Yup, it was I. The green Robin Mather is an easy spot :)

  • Argh!!

  • Ha ha! Nice to see lined-up end plugs.

  • Were you the 'experienced' one on the team?

  • Er....there were two older riders than me :)

  • Pull up them socks boy!

  • You need better moisturiser.

  • oof!

  • spotted dommé at the top of Anerly, I shouted, you didn't hear. I shouted again, everyone looked at me.. except you.


  • Haha sorry mate... in the afternoon? Obviously deep in the pain cave

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