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  • too big probs...

  • I think so, but pop round and try them. They are a very robust and heavy boot, so the extra size is an issue.

  • Very generous offer Sam.

  • Nice boots.

    I got the chestnut ones a couple of months back and went down a whole size from 9 to 8 to get the fit right. Felt a bit snug at first but have stretched out to be a nice fit now.

    Although still not as comfy yet as my 9 year old Iron Rangers.

  • Well, that what the clubmates are for. If there are no takers, I'll slap them on ebay.

    Thanks Dan for confirming the size issue.

  • Redwings gone.

  • which tiny footed clubmans took em?

  • Was it @Ved?

  • Ha! Ved in size 8's!!

  • Hi all question for the forum: I need new shoes

    1) for my commute bike - currently have Sidi Dragons (MTB) with SPD pedals. Been thinking about those Giro LX reflective ones. Plus side is they're fairly cheap and I could keep SPD pedals on the fixie fixie. Down side is that it would mean buying two pairs of shoes since I also need new shoes...

    2) ...for the road bike: I only have specialised tri shoes with three point cleats currently. They aren't great for long distance and they're not warm or particularly well padded - I've got a couple of big rides in the Alps and Pyrenees this summer so thought they should be replaced. Like the look of Fizik R1Bs or Quoc Night (although real laces - really??). Benefit here is that I'd be able to ride these on fixie and road bike (if I changed pedals on fixie), saving me the need to buy two pairs of shoes.

    Any thoughts or anything else I should consider. Rapha look nice, but I'd rather not buy Rapha - maybe the Giro originals?

    Sidi fit me perfectly - not considering the road version cos I think they look a bit garish.


  • As @jaygee says, "You can never have enough shoes".

    It's a difficult one, people can say what they like and what works for them, but it ultimately comes down to your choice and what shoes work for you. It can be an expensive trial and error Process. Budget is of course a consideration, but having two sets is good, especially if one is for the commute. Sunday Best and all that.

    I am also looking to change, all my shoes are a few years old now and a tad smelly. I have no idea what shoes would work of me, you don't really know until you have ridden 60 miles on a hot day in them.

  • If you are happy riding your road bike long distances with straight SPDs then fine; but I found too much float etc and a feeling of being less connected. SPDs for commuting makes obvious sense but the more planted feel, the better power transfer etc of an SL (or whatever system you like) has been much better for me personally.

    In terms of shoes, I have always bought road shoes if I can find the right fit but also have steered clear from the absolute lightest/most expensive. They get trashed whatever you do and the second tier shoes are still excellent. For example I currently am wearing Specialized Expert and they have been superb and give away only a handful of grams, some sole stiffness and a second boa dial... big deal and can you really notice, for a saving of over £100 maybe more

  • These are the new 2017 ones...­lized/Expert-Road-Shoes-2017/EHVA

    I have them in white and I think they will launch that colour soon as available elsewhere in Europe...

    The Giro Sentrie is another example of second tier lovelyness... 35 grams difference and a slightly different dial for €100! Pah

  • Buy shoes that fit. Fit is the most important thing. If you've got narrow feet you won't get on with specialized, Bont or Shimano. You will get on with sidi, giro etc. Fizik are somewhere in the middle and tend to vary from model to model.

    To be honest, if you like sidi and get on with them - I'd buy some road ones. All road shoes are garish and silly anyway.

  • Thanks for the input guys.

    Agree probably better to keep it church and state on the commuter & road bike:

    Way too much float on SPDs to ride them on the road bike. And I really want to be able to walk about once off the commuter bike, which makes MTB style shoes sensible (thoughts on Sidi alternatives?).

    Anton great point about second tier price point. Yes much like pedals shoes do end up fucked, so why venture into £300+ silliness? (Seen these­mavics-£900-comete-cycling-shoes-save-42­-watts-pedal-stroke Mavics?)

    I like the look of Fizik, love my Sidis and I'll check out the Specialised and Giro models too.

    Hopefully see people out for a Dad's ride soon.

  • I had Sidis I moved to fizik. Love them. I have a pair of lake for commuting/cross racing in the summer. They're the best shoes I've had.

  • For the fixie id stick with double sided pedals (MTB).
    And I'd find shoes that worked for me rather than thinking what's supposed to look good. #dadpost

  • Build quality of Mavic shoes is really poor in my experience. Others may disagree.

    Fizik is a good bet - very comfortable and really well made.

  • Controversy: you can use MTB pedals on a road bike.

  • Lies

  • I have seen it.

  • I think they're only compatible with lower tier groupsets

  • Claris, Sora, tiagra only

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