Exedown and back. Saturday 27 Aug.

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  • Hello.
    I'm going to Exedown tomorrow.

    Any takers?
    Latest I'd want to leave is 9 am from CP.

    There will be attempted show boating on Exedown.

  • If it's any use I did a route for last year's BWHCC that went out to Col d'Exedown

    (It was designed to finish at Canopy)


  • Oops. Yeah. Sorry.
    Obvs I'd be banging it down the pilgrim's way, I like Terry's old lodge (because of the name) so might go up that then down Exedown and back up.
    Home probably the way it says on there. Or a meander.

  • Yeah, Terry's Old Lodge is a decent climb. Some reasonable views.

    Magie Bottom (not that far away) is a good name too.

    I've created a segment for you that is (I think) pretty much the official climb.


    (I'm pretty confident about the start point - there is a gate on the left - although not 100% sure where it ends without actually being there to take a look... I think it is marked on the road.)

  • Steve P might be up for a ride. Do you want me to ask him?

  • Yeah!
    He can drop me on Exedown and not look like he's trying!

  • can i join you? i will not be dropping you, or even trying to pick you up. stained my back last week so will be riding gently gently if you're happy with that sort of a ride. meet at 9am outside cadence if so?

  • I'll confirm this evening.

  • Ooo, a back stain. Have you tried some Vanish on that?

  • tried varnishing it. didn't help, but on the plus side i am now 100% weather-proof for the winter months

  • Just confirming my expectations.

  • I wish I had Saturday's off :(

  • 9 am is go.

    @Nath I wish I could do Sundays...

  • Would like to do this but I'm going to the football tomorrow at midday.

  • No fireworks or showboating from me. Tired and unfit damo is tired and unfit. Steve with a bad back is still miles better than me on a good day.

    Lovely sunshine, mediaeval motorik motorways (well pilgrims way all the way to exedown, all the way back, over star hill, popped on that bit after down downe, slogged home).

    Ugly water is terrible.

  • great ride demeaux and really good to see you after however long it's been. kent was very green and pleasant as ever, in a land-that-time-forgot sort of a way.

    pond water is terrible. but less so than the ugly variety.

  • Sounds good. Did you lay down a serious Exedown marker?

  • Not really....
    4 and a half minutes. Peter T's kid is laughing at me.

  • You call that training?

  • Very good.

  • Look forward to being rinsed by Theo in next weeks 25.

  • Yeah, but how happy is he really?

  • Lots.


  • Yeah. He probably is.
    I'm jealous.

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Exedown and back. Saturday 27 Aug.

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