Sourdough starter

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  • I want to make some sourdough pizzas, do I need as starter dough? If so how do I make it and how long does it take?

  • Will take about a week to make. Alternatively, you can get some off a friend or order from eBay.

  • Have pizza stone if anyone with starter mix fancies a pizza tonight. Otherwise Cracking on with the normal recipe. Should have better planning for next time.

  • I can drop round some starter if you want (as can of course The Bread Horn)?

    Although it's resting in the fridge at the moment so you wouldn't be able to use it today. The thing to realise about sourdough is that you can't rush it... :)

    Any use?

    (I use rye flour by the way)

  • I think that even if you had a starter you would need to leave the pizza dough to prove overnight, or for ~8hrs? I've not made pizza from sourdough though.

  • Yeah deffo. Quicker to dial up Franco Manco.

  • In the end I ran out of gas for the BBQ and so we retreated to the Kitchen. Fancy trying it again in a few weeks though with proper planning.

  • Sounds perfect, "a few weeks" is about the right time-frame to plan ahead to make sourdough.

  • It's a date.

  • Yeah pizza sourdough is good for a long ferment in the fridge.

  • If you want some starter I can drop some over. Sourdough pizza is the BZNSS.

  • Making your own starter is time consuming and messy.

    A bit like masturbation.

  • ^ All bow to the knowledge of the sourdough master

  • Yes please and some basic instructions would be good. Thinking of doing pizza night again in a couple of weeks. Happy to trade starter for cooked pizza

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Sourdough starter

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