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  • Never had it.

  • Today's Google Doodle will bring it all back

  • mazeballs!

  • Today's Google, not Dodgy Dave's past.

  • Time for lunch. I could murder some smashed avo.

  • Dodgy Dave indeed !

    From Roni Size (legend) to Ikea Meatballs !

  • Not if you are trying to buy a house.

  • I once drove part of the Reprezent crew to a gig in my Renault Clio as they were late.

    Probably wasn't the way they were expecting to roll that day. To be honest driving back was a bit hazy.

  • Did you put their tape on and drive like a loon?

  • Well I have just got back from Bristol where my artisan sandwich was served on a chopping board and my coffee in a glass tumbler.

  • Piss orf from Brizzol you London tart!

  • Hello, bread makers of Grupetto.

    We've been given a few loaves of differing types from our neighbour who works at the local fancy cafe. What's the best way to store these?

    If I don't store them soon I am going to eat my way through them in one day.

  • Room temperature, paper bag, then either cling film or airtight box (which will preserve the softness of the crumb, but soften the crust).

    Freeze what you won't eat in 3-4 days.

    When it starts to stale/you want to thaw it then dampen the crust and pop into an over at 150C for 10 mins. Will be as good as new then, but will stale rapidly after.

  • Thanks Nath!

  • If it does go stale, french toast or a simple eggy bread with cheese is a good option.

  • Eat it. All of it.

  • Panzanella bro.

  • Some people swear by tightly wrapping the loaves in plastic bags, the theory being that paper bags will absorb some moisture.

    Thoughts @Nath?

  • That looks good (without the anchovies obvs)

  • In my (admittedly limited) experience I've been unsure about the benefits of just using an airtight box (i.e. without also wrapping the bread in something) and had been thinking of switching to an old-school artisanal bread bin. The internet seems to contain opinions that differ wildly.

  • Can I raise an admin issue here (🤓) — we have a subforum about Bread, with two threads about Sourdough in.

    Can we merge all of this into one thread please?

    The way we use subforums like Russian dolls makes my head hurt.

  • Panzanella is banging.

  • Try using different methods of storage and think critically about what works best in your kitchen in terms of quality.

  • I haven't read the above, but I know bread stales quicker in colder temperatures.

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