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  • @Ved what were those nice tyres you had on your road bike? Looking to replace my old paves and your looked the nuts.

  • I've been using the Vittoria graphene jobs with gumwalls. They are lovely. Only slight issue is that they come up HUGE. 25 more like 28.

  • Ooo... they're Tubeless too, right?

  • They come with grey sidewalls too, if you don't want to look like a hipster.

  • Think the only tubeless that Vittoria do are these:­road-bike-reviews/vittoria-corsa-speed-2­016

    Superfast, and light, tubeless tyre but only comes in a 23 and sounds like it will probably wear out pretty fast as it is so thin.

  • Graphene is the future. My next bike will be 100% graphene.

    Here's some useful background reading on graphene.

  • I haven't had any punctures yet.

    Will obviously get 4 today now.

  • From what I understand it is possible you will never get another puncture.

  • I've got the grey Corsas and as Dan says they come up huge, measured the 23 front at 25mm and 25 in the back is 28mm.

    Better than Open Corsa CX IMO but the price it burnsssss.

  • Yeah I'm actually going to have to go back to 23's because the 25's on wide rims give my cervelo the old rubrub when I do a sprint

  • Anyone else have problems with over tights (padless) worn over bibs causing saddle sores? I'm not sure if it's the extra layer of fabric, or having seams in the wrong place, but I always seem to pick up more during the winter.

  • Dahn. Yes. I use sudocrem.

    Makes your pad smell fresh too.

  • I think it's more to do with less miles and less resistant skin.

  • Symptom and cause innit.

    Where's science bacteria boy to advise...

  • I read something a few years back that Sudocrem degrades lycra. So went to Assos cream for when riding, and my shorts stopped failing around the insert area.

    Still apply the old Sudocrem post ride when I need to tho.

  • I'm not sure Dov, certainly there is a bit of that, but i get the same problem from wearing shorts or trousers over bibs when I commute.

    I went out today in just shorts and legs, rather than the winter over tights I've been wearing for the last few weeks and it was noticeably better. I think I'm just able to keep the pad in the right place better. It sits better on the saddle or something.

    It's also probably partly to do with forgetting to bring assos cream to Wales with me and having to use sudocrem, which just doesn't really work for me (it's good for after if I've got sores, but not during).

  • I think sudocream rots Lycra?

    Have you shaved recently?
    Pressure may be different because compression is greater with anothernlayer of Lycra.
    Changed water?

    One of those should cover it.

  • It's probably the bumming

  • Knew my skills would be useful.

  • In this case it sounds like your bumming skills are not useful.


  • The sudocream thing is a internet myth.

  • Wow.

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Kit thread

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