Ridelondon 100 tfl ballot

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  • Guys...

    I'm about to put my name in for the ballot TfL has for Ridelondon 100.

    No guarantees, but I can put in for a +1
    (You still have to pay)

    If anyone would like to try and get a ride, put your name below and I'll do a mini ballot for the ballot..
    (yo dawg, I heard you like ballots)

    I'm not even 100% sure I will be in the country on that weekend in July yet but that shouldn't effect anyone else that registers. Graham is riding I believe.

    Need your names by 20th march...

  • I'm game.

    1. Nath
  • I am not getting involved, but thanks Dommy. Top work.

    1. ANT if this is still on the cards Dom?? I have always wanted to have a crack but never managed to secure a spot
  • Anyone else want a chance to ride with me? (Non guaranteed)

    1. Nath
    2. Ant
  • Later on today, I will be flipping a coin to decide between Nath and Ant.

    Nath - heads
    Ant - tails

    Stay tuned

  • Is the coin non biased?
    Perhaps you should do some test of the coin flipping first.

  • Is the 'first dibs' convention old school?

  • First dibs is perfectly fine but a time limited ballot is more inclusive.

  • Can you Periscope the coin event?

  • Or Snapchat (whatever that does)

  • Instagram Live 360 or it didn't happen...

  • Can you try to get the coin to land on your bruised butt via FB live?

  • 👀

  • Happy to stand aside on this - Will is correct in the established rule of law with regards 'first dibs'...

    Any of your colleagues have a spare plus 1?

    First dibs for next year!!

  • As is often the case in this short attention span society, I didn't really read Dommy's post, so I missed the bit where he created a ballot within a ballot (almost, but not quite, a meta-ballot). So I withdraw my question :)

  • Enough of this, I want my ass-coin pic.

  • Excellent work. I officially certify the coin, and therefore can lend my support to this outcome.

  • This is definitely a life goal achieved, closely followed by Jude's birth.

  • tempted, been offered a place

  • 90th mile through Frankley has to be a low point tho

  • I am doing that ride Ved so please do be my wingman

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Ridelondon 100 tfl ballot

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