7th May - whats happenin bruv

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  • If there is nothing planned for this Sunday I am going to go to Surrey very early and do hills if anyone is keen

  • Maybe something like this - need to get the climbing legs going for SDW


  • How was the ride? Looked like a nice day for it.

  • I am such a div - changed thank you will

  • Nice work Anton, let's make this the club ride this week, @Anton_D you happy with that?

  • Can we change to an event?

  • Looks like a lovely ride. I'm not sure there are enough hills though.

  • You coming Denny? You love hills...

  • I used to love hills. When I was fit and skinny. I prefer beer now.

    Perhaps I'll have a beer for each of the nine hills you do instead.

  • I am totally happy for it to be the 'club ride' and the more the merrier BUT I only mentioned it on here (probably in the wrong place- perhaps should have been in casual rides) in the absence of a normal style club ride etc

    I dont really want to be bound by the official rules on this occasion as obviously its longer and lumpier than normal but I fancy some climbing...

    I also need to leave early as have other people involved from outside the club and we are talking about a 7.30am meet at RP.

    If people are cool with that sort of time, distance and hills etc then lets do it..

    There are some bug out options ie remove ranmore or barhatch

  • Have two beers for each hill and then send me a video message of encouragement

  • Love that climb up Radnor. So peaceful, and with the pine trees and ferns it's lovely to look at.

  • yes! one of the best for sure especially after cheese straws

  • Barhatch...

  • @Graham come on you love it you slaaaaaaaag

  • This ride is Graham's wet dream

  • I likes the look of this. Small issue of being sole parent to two kids this w/e. I'll see what I can do... is this wind dying down any time soon?

  • Tom's new love of cricket is really starting to get in the way of cycling on a Sunday .... Enjoy it !

  • In negotiations

  • This is it right. Most of the way through a bottle of Pino Noir, and watched DT take the Blue Jersey. Who's riding?

  • Sorry Anton, bouncy bikes are calling me

  • No childcare = no ride for me. Enjoy - looks like a cracking ride. Bloody windy out there today...

  • I had a super day out. Nice hard route, which gave me ample opportunity to complain. There were also some new faces, which was nice. German Sausages and Beer by the river to finish might be a new favourite.

    The excellent day was slightly marred by my watch escaping from its pins somewhere. This is a pain as it made me look at the Damasko DA36 again. The scales say I'm still a couple of kilos above my "watch weight". :(

  • Good to hear you got out JG , I had coffee by the river watching 5 yr olds try to hit a ball..

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7th May - whats happenin bruv

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D