Giro D'Italia 2017

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  • The Giro just got a whole lot more interesting...

  • A nice fight on his hands to stay in pink. The climbers behind him in the gc have to attack knowing that he probably has another 1 - 2 minutes in the bank for the final TT as well.

  • A TT has never been so interesting. Go G, a great ride.

  • They're always interesting ;0)

  • Today's stage is already shaping up to be a classic. Glad I don't have much work on today. Can watch the whole stage live

  • Geraint Thomas a non-starter today, due to a knee injury sustained in the crash on Sunday.

  • Shame, but glad there was a good reason for his inability to keep up with the leaders.

  • Have QS been clever in disrupting the LS train? Watching the last 3k today, it seemed that every time LS tried to form something, QS were all over them.

  • Finally watched yesterday's stage. Go Tom!

  • Fell asleep watching the highlights last night, will catch up later. Had a dream that Tom Dumoulin caught Quintana on a climb, dropped him AND won the stage! I gotz to lay off the whisky.

  • Are you sure you fell asleep?

  • I have been falling asleep on every stage this week! Especially Fridays snooze-fest.

  • Nairo's been found out hasn't he? He was found out at the tour last year as well.
    I just don't think he's got the sort of "ping!hes off and flying" to put some real hurt into the bigger boys.
    Armchair grimpeur here but he should have fucking nailed it on the bigger gradient, 4-5% is not that big a deal for the TT guys.
    For his sake, I hope there's some bigger longer stuff coming.

  • I think it's too early to write him off just yet. We've had four mountains so far, there are still fifteen to come.

  • 4-5% is not that big a deal for the TT guys

    Well, you say that.....

  • I know there's the volume of climbing, but I don't see any "pop" or "pizzazz" from Nairo.

  • I thought Nairo looked good on the steeper bits. Dumoulin himself said it was a climb suited to him. The real test is yet to come, but Tom has a big cushion.

  • His bums not that big.

  • He's a turbo diesel, he rarely launches searing attacks, just lays down a pace that is too fast for everyone else.

  • Yeah. I think that's a good description. I think this is a problem if his team can't pull him away?
    Watching the highlights now...

  • What a sh*tty stage...

  • Don't give the game away :)

  • Definitely not going to watch the highlights now. Oh wait...

    I'm going to be riding in Kent.

  • Exciting stage in the Giro today, already...

  • Good

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Giro D'Italia 2017

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