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  • There's an actual chance I might ride a bike further than my commute, 5 miles fact fans, this month.

    Thursday 1 June.

    I'm not even sure what riding a bike for a distance > 10 miles feels like anymore.
    I may need epic amounts of cake, coffee, gels, recovery drink, etc and so on.

    Would anyone care to join me as I cry at the loss of any ability I once had?
    Probably Kent, probably mildly lumpy.

  • This may be possible. How far?

  • Gosh. There's no way I'd want to go out much more than 70ish. The loop is about what I'm looking at, but not the loop.

    Is that even a thing?

  • We could ride to Hampton court and back?

  • Leave Cadence at 9?
    Stop for a coffee at Putney on the way there, through Richmond Park, can we get a gravel section in on the way back so I can validate my wider tyres? Perhaps a coffee and a cake stop somewhere in Streatham to ensure we've got enough in the tank for the Anerley ridge?

    We'd be back by 3?

    What hashtags do we need?
    Can we go #randonerd?

  • Take a made up brevet card and ask every coffee shop to add their loyalty stamp.

  • Seriously though, college road is hard work now.

  • Went up College Road the other week. Thought I smashed it, but was way off my best time :-(

  • Probably high atmospheric pressure, Sam.

    That's the excuse I use.

  • Thanks Sam.

    It was also on old steel with pannier.

  • That I am guessing were full of bricks.

  • Strong headwind too.

  • :-) No, just a big gut.

  • That's what happens if you don't do enough training.

  • Anyone fancy a coupla drinks Sunday night? Was going to propose a ride to some nice pub somewhere but it looks like rain. Maybe Canopy?

  • Just realised, this Bank Holiday was traditionally the same name CX ride :0(

  • Wow, really? That went quickly. Shame about the predicted rain, else I would pop over. I have probably ridden that bike 10 times since last year.

  • cough
    anyone around tmrw and wednesday am?
    I plan on going out on the commuter bike (single speed, mudguards) for no more than 40km per day. Potter out potter back.

  • I am on Wednesday a.m.

  • Every Wednesday.


  • Leave at 9ish from CP?
    Don't drop me.

  • I need to go at 7.30 or 8.00 really.

  • That also works. It's the school rush traffic I was trying to miss....

  • Weather looks grim so I'm going to do some Regents laps and then head into office.

  • Itbwas lovely out there today. The fog and mist were like a big comfy duvet.

    Also. That rapha winter jersey, the one that looks like it was modelled on grease, is so good.

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Slack fest

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