The Zwift Thread

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  • Anyone fancy a little CS Zwifetto on Thursday evening?

    I usually go at 7:30pm and do it for 45 minutes

  • foreveralone.gif

    Happy to come meet you for an actual ride.

  • Too cold m8

  • Bruv put a soft shell on and come turn a pedal with old Mat.

  • I am involved in *10 reps of college road on Thursday.

  • Good idea Dov. I would if I had the setup.

  • There's a Rapha group workout at 7pm each Thursday at the mo, you not doing these?

  • 7pm is bed time. Gotta do that first.

  • Might be able to do something tomorrow. Just ambling round or more serious stuff?

  • A fast bimble

  • CSG Loop on Swift?

  • Hopefully the flat loop!!

  • I 'followed' you last night, Dov. If you're following someone, when you log in you'll see if any one you follow is riding, you can select "ride with". As long as you begin pedalling within a few seconds then you'll stick with them.

  • Sweet.

    I'll be on there from about 19:25 and will ride from 19:30 to 20:15

  • My back is playing up so if it gets a bit smashy I'll have to get off the bike.

    Let me know what route you'll be selecting, so we'll go the same way at junctions etc. It's Watopia today.

  • Hilly Route?

  • Ok.

  • Just logging on to loose a bit of weight...

  • 6 w/kg ?

  • To get to that figure I'd have to put in a negative value for my weight.

  • Cheers Dov. Sorry for the confusion at the start. My Zwift crashed just I saw and messaged you, then I passed you rolling down the hill to the start/finish line while I was frantically pedalling away.

    Ended up a good lap and three quarters rolling along.

  • I was really struggling to keep up. I need to find somewhere cooler to do it.

  • Sorry, I thought I was sticking to the advertised w/kg (ish) 🙂 Although I thought you said 2.6, where after I read it was 2.4!!

    I "Zwifted" in the garage last night, didn't bother with my fan as it was virtually freezing in there. Started with a coat on, ended up in just bib shorts sweating like a mofo.

    And for me, the ride with screen wasn't working at the start, and the mobile app is useless. Even if you are riding along with someone it still tells you that no one else you follow is riding at that time.

  • Now I can get wifi in my shed , have found it easier pedalling away in the cold in there than sweating buckets inside the house. My turbo soon heats up the shed .

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The Zwift Thread

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