The Zwift Thread

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  • Turbo outdoors is always better.
    Looks at two turbos.
    Decides to carry on avoiding them.

  • Turbo outdoors is always better


  • Time trial though.
    Bad weirdos.

  • I need to do this.

  • Got a WiFi repeater to boost signal from house to shed . Weatherproof extension lead takes power from outdoor power socket to the shed and boom , I can power a smart turbo and a light.

  • I wouldn't use WIFI for zwift.

  • Works perfectly.

  • Trainer road FTW.

  • @dave_mac has inspired me to clear out my shed. It’s a fucking shocker.

  • You'd have more space if you got rid of things you have no use for.

    Gardening tools.
    That paint from a couple of years ago.
    Some bikes.

  • Lolz.

    But no.

  • That paint in your shed is dead ved. It's dead. Let it go.

  • I'll be doing a Zwift tomorrow morning in lieu of a clubrun

  • That'll show the Siberian weather who's boss

  • is zwifting possible with a dumb trainer?

  • Yeah but you need a speed and cadence sensor

  • Just use your gears if you want to replicate hills etc.

  • You around tomorrow Dov?

  • I'm leading the RCC ride actually.

    500 nobbers.

  • Ha ha ha. Make that 501 now 👍🏼

    At least everyone will stay in the bunch 😂

  • Here's a good site that shows you exactly what intervals you'll be doing in each group workout. The descriptions are always a bit vague.

  • Dov and Sam on the Zwift!

  • @Sam that last 3 minutes set at 120rpm was savage

  • London Fixie Skidders on the Zwift.

    Was pleased when that was up, my arse was beginning to ache! 118rpm average for that stretch :0)

  • I averaged 110rpm for a medium gear 10 mile TT a few years ago. I vowed to never ever do one again.

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The Zwift Thread

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