The Zwift Thread

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  • Gonna get up on this zwift ting

    Need me a smart turbot though.

    What are people using for zwift iPad / Telly?

  • I use my MacBook.

  • I picked up a iPad 2018 for £220 off eBay - there's a code around at the moment for 20% off.
    Works great so far.

  • I use my macbook, sometimes cast it onto the telly.

    I found ANT+ more stable than Bluetooth

  • My bluetooth is a bit of a PITA. It struggles with multiple devices I think. constantly dropping the HR monitor.

  • Yeah. MacBook with ANT+ here.

    I use a Tacx Vortex with my own crank based power meter. Works very well.

  • Also works on Apple TV.

  • Will there be new kit for these club rides?

  • I wear my RCC kit...

  • Will you be doing their hill run that goes by my house once a week?

  • No, it's too early for me.

  • They look v v serious.

  • Would anybody like to meet for an actual push bike ride?

  • There's probably a better thread for that sort of chatter

  • Yes Matt, as long as it's at snails pace

  • Ice this weekend

  • Always up for a ride, exactly how slow are we talking?

  • I'm online baby.

    Codename "R.andy Savage"

    I saw0 "D.ONEILL" pop up on the screen when I was messing about... KOM crusher

  • Get into it. It's fun.

  • 39 years old? Blimey.

    No full stop between R and andy btw on your Zwift profile name....

  • If I had a dedicated turbo set up I'd probably be on it more often. But after moving bikes around, and trying to squeeze a turbo, a bike, a fan and a set of drawers to mount the laptop on in a space about 8ft x 3ft, it kind of loses its appeal.

    Keep meaning to de-clutter the garage, can never find the time. Or the energy.

  • I have to set mine up in the garden every time. It's a right ballache

  • Same.

    Does Zwift work on dumb trainer? I mean. Now I'm not "racing" I might move from Trainerroad to Zwift. I dunno.

  • Garden setup each time is serious dedication.

  • I see someone has released smart rollers, which could be fun, if it wasn't for the price tag.

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The Zwift Thread

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