The Spanner Thread 🔧

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  • For maintenance questions.

  • Is it worth doing a Cytech home mechanic course or will they just teach me how to change a tube?

  • What is your goal? Do you want to do all your maintenance yourself, or just be able to fix things when they go wrong?

  • Just watch videos on web as and when you need it

  • I just learn better in class environments and want to know more about bike mechanics, but don’t want to pay to be shown how to clean chains/adjust brakes/index gears/change tyre/etc.

  • Damo does them by the hour....mucho cheap

  • LMNH does decent courses.

  • I find Park Tool website and GCN to be good for a spannering tings although I tend to outsource such stuff to experts.

  • I throw money at it. I have no time for tinkering and I usually fuck things up if inrush or tired.

  • My alternative strategy is to buy parts and hope they assemble themselves.

  • That’s my approach too. I think the bike shops of south east London approve of this, as they ultimately benefit.

  • I have an Evernote list of all of my spannerings, video and learnings. Have the Park Tools book and have done some bits but basically I 99% of the time take bikes to mechanics, partly because I over tighten, and partly because it shifts to accountability onto a professional. #csb

  • I have an appointment with one soon I think.
    "You said you'd chop the fork down, can yiu? And put these things together? Thanks!"

  • I’m in the process of upgrading the groupset on my cross bike, at some point soon I’ll give up and hand it over to a bike shop to fit, despite me being confident could do it all myself.

  • I tried to fit mudguards with Alex and Luke running around the garden.

    I perservered for 90 mins. Failed to fit the mudguards.

    And now Alex says "fucking"

    Pretty sure Lydia hasn't heard him, but I am in deep shit.

  • Meh. All kids should know when to drop the f bomb.

    Parent chat >>>>>>>

  • Nath: thenlmnh one is good.
    Most of the time it's about having: time, patience, the right tools, and the ability to think before making a critical error.

  • Man of experience

  • Love it.

    I was putting up a trampoline, without reading the instructions of course. Edie said to Joel, "Daddy has started to mutter, we better go inside."

  • I've not learned from my errors though Ved.

  • I do all my own mechanic work.

    Would only consider outsourcing wheel truing to Jaygee, he's a 3rd dan black belt.

  • Fucking ace! Got to love kids.

  • "Daddy has started to mutter, lets bounce..."

  • How handy are you in general Nath?

    Most of it is VVV straightforward.

    I suck at cabling.

  • I don’t even know how to pump my own fucking tyres up.

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The Spanner Thread 🔧

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