Cross season 2018/19

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  • It was a great,but hard, race. There's not many long grinds there but there was plenty of up the bank down the bank up the bank down the bank.
    And a bit that replicated the horrible bit at Leeds castle.


    Minute a lap down on Andy.....

  • I stacked it once. Funnily I heard some parents saying "so and so said they heard someone say "go on" and that distracted them and they didn't miss a tree root and that's why they punctured.

    I though "bollocks"then as I was on one of the up the bank down the bank, someone said something to someone just as I was entering the wardrobe of self doubt. Then my front wheel went

    And that was the end for me, the 6 people I was trying to hurt all went by me. And then about 10 more. Or so it felt.

  • I never asked, because I’m a gentleman, but who was second Grump, you or @biarittz ?

  • A lady never tells

  • Nice work everyone.

  • Great stuff guys , bit jealous but currently no chance of me racing this season . Only been in the UK 2 days of the last 14 and can't remember where i left my bike

  • Damo was way ahead of me.

  • The size of the field was amazing, 94 V40s started, plus about 10 juniors. It was only on my final lap, as I saw someone coming back to me quite quickly, that I realised I hadn't lapped anyone, which is unprecedented. That's partly to do with the length of the lap, but I also think the quality level has increased enormously in the past few years.


    Results here.

    Sam wasn't that far behind me really. I only just made the cutoff to get a full race in.

  • Bad luck. You should have slowed down a bit.

  • Loving that lap display. But rider Damian Marlee, Team 'Independent'??


  • Meh.

  • Wow. 84th out of 96 riders (?). Not good. I was with a group, battling, sounding like an asthmatic steam mop. They got away from me and I ended up alone and realized that I was back marker and only the very slow were behind me. That was scary.

    My lungs finally settled by lap 3 and I then managed to get back onto the group ahead. But...84th. Jeez!

  • Still, I haven't felt this good for ages. Muscle ache and endorphins ftw.

  • For probably the only time ever, I was 30 seconds off of Damian pittock.

  • And just before him was Bruce Sandell of S&DW, my nemesis.

  • He must’ve exploded, he wasn’t far behind me early on and I might, just might, have made the effort to make sure he couldn’t get across the gap.

  • Looking at the link I posted, he either fell or blew up. I reckon he blew up.
    You did a <4 minute lap the first lap.........
    Must have been like that 7 minute one I did at the team champs.

  • Sorry, all this info used to be on the London X League site, but now they just use a stripped down version. Asking for a friend, plus me as well really.

    If I want to EOL for a race and it's my first event, do I have to register again on RiderHQ for membership to LCCA, or can this is done 'manually' at the venue?

    Also, pre entry is £15, any idea on EOL price?

    Would post on LFGSS or Facebook, but don't want to look a tool.

  • I think you have to sign up on rider hq, then enter however you can/want?

  • Hmmm, yeah, I am thinking that too. That part isn't really for me, but my mate. I've been riding with him for a couple of years now, when we go out we promise to take it easy, but after about half way we just try to batter the hell out of each other. Used to do MTBing, he's recently bought a CX bike, he is competitive, but it's difficult trying to make him take that first step to racing.

  • Just seen the forecast for Sunday. 30mph winds at midday.


  • I'll be hungover hopefully.

  • How's the back @Sam ? Well enough to race tomorrow?

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Cross season 2018/19

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