The Roundhouse,

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  • the roundhouse 2 north side wandsworth common
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  • Is it possible for us to drink our way back into the EU?

    Worth a shot at least...

  • Sadly I can't make it tonight. Have a good night.

    Lots of depressed faces on the train to work today.

  • Bleach shots all round later

  • I need to get home first and then pick up the caps and shirts. Also Sarah might be coming too (although currently too depressed to leave the house) so if you want to bring partners too to help get over the powder keg of shit that is today's result.

    @dandan do you still want the turbo? or pick it up another time?

  • @Ricky if you can be arsed with carrying it then yes I will take it but no immediate rush so can collect another time.

    Do you have my kit order too? Lost track of who has it!

  • It's me. I have your order, I'll bring it along tonight. Dov I have your jersey too.

  • Is anyone else going to be at the pub early or will I be drinking on my own?

  • I suspect it will be full of Wandsworth residents drowning their sorrows. 72% voted to remain in Wandsworth.

  • Not sure I can make it yet, will have to see later but will come over if I can

  • How early are you talking? I've got a conference call which just got cancelled.

  • I am not going to make this now- sorry.

  • Don't know if it's too late, but could you bring my kit too please Ricky? I should be there no later than 8 pm.

    Need a drink.

  • No not too late, in fact still at work and fining it hard to get anything done today. I think you will be there before me.

    I am also bring some caps if anyone needs anymore.

  • I'm here. Pint of wandle. Sat outside.

  • I'll be there in 10 (ten) minutes.

  • I'll be there by about 7.30pm

  • I have to do bath time and then I will uber it.

  • Pleasure to see you all

  • Seconded

  • My head hurts

  • Goon night that nice to see everyone

  • Full of goons.

    An enjoyable end to a shit day.

  • Lol

    Freudian slip

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The Roundhouse,

Posted by Avatar for Ricky @Ricky