CLUB RUN - Sunday 16th October - Nutfield City Limits

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  • Little jaunt down to the A25 at Nutfield and back. Some urban sprawl leading to honest hills and some nice lanes.

  • Looks nice, I'm in (until I'm out)

  • Boom! It's a route that puts a smile on my face every time. I have had to add the extras to get to the route from RP, but that isn't too bad either.

    Big Sam, nice to see you signed up, how do you intend to get over? If you come early, you can park at mine and keep me company on the ride to RP (and back and then back and back again).

  • Cheers Sam, but I am just going to get a train into Victoria, then ride across.

  • @biarittz I have started an experiment and also created this as a facebook event on our club Facebook page. This way non members can see the ride if they are looking for a spin out, register interest and then attend if they want. I'm really not expecting a lot of traffic but its all part of raising our profile and becoming more accessible.

    As a club it would be good if, for the next month or so, we could all share the event and see if it get's any profile. It will need everyone to share the event once a week but its not hard and I'll promote/remind everyone every so often.

    General rule is if you plan to come please try promote the ride, if you can't make it then make up for missing out but promoting the ride to others and friends.

    @biarittz and @Graham I have linked you to the ride to your profiles so if people post questions etc you should get notice so either of us can respond or reply. As I said its a bit of an experiment so lets see how we go.

    @biarittz this is your event:­65531055/
    @Graham I have done the same for your ride too.­17754239/

    Thanks please can you all make sure you promote them. Thanks

  • You can also create ride event pages on Strava, linked to the club. We have a rolling one set up for Weds/Thurs night laps

  • Ohh technology. I never really got into Strava, can we get it to work for us then? Are you going to the next Last Friday drinks? if so can we catch up?

  • Ricky, the Facebook page and events look great.

  • cool thanks. lets see what, if anything, happens

  • Guess it's down to each ride captain to promote "their" event ?

  • cool thanks. lets see what, if anything, happens

    Are we back on Brexit?

  • @Ved shall I set you up a Facebook one too?

  • ok

  • Bumpity Bump.

    Roll up for a tour of the St Helier estate (twice) and some different lanes to the norm.

    I do need to be back by 2pm. We should be no way near that, but please do Garminize the route in case I have to bail off on the return (we will be passing quite close to my gaff).

  • Saw that Ricky. Looks really good.

  • Shouldn't you be bumping your own thread?

  • Can't get the staff these days...

  • But Facebook..

  • Nice route. I'm in. Will probably bring 1 or 2 friends also

  • Nice one Jon

  • I'll stick the route into my Garmin, but others should do too. If I pass under a lamppost it tells me I've gone off course.

  • This looks like a pukka route Sam.

  • Thank you Ved.

  • Won't make this ride now :-(

    Shame as it would be nice to ride somewhere new.

    I promised Nic she could go on a girls night away as payback for me going to Ghent next month and she wants to go this weekend.

  • You'll be missed Dan, but those paybacks are important.

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CLUB RUN - Sunday 16th October - Nutfield City Limits

Posted by Avatar for biarittz @biarittz