CLUB RUN NORTH November 6th 2016.

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  • Hello!

    Sunday week is the day for the club run to head northwards.

    I have a few routes in mind, but trying to pick a decent cafe stop is the tricky bit, so no route just yet.

    It will be around 75km, and probably mostly flat. I might throw some tow path and a wee bit of pavé in there to mix it up.

    We will meet at LMNH for a coffee at 9am, then roll out. Jump on the train with your bike if the ride out to Old Street makes the whole thing too long.


  • Provisional route until I recce it properly. Right now it's a mix of routes I ride...

  • looks cracking.

  • That it does

  • Shame I am helping my mum move house.

  • Bums. I'm racing at Addington. That looks banging and then would have had the pompetamine out for it.

  • Provisionally in .

  • Sweet. Anyone else? Come on, a change is as good as a holiday!

  • Nice, hopefully will make this. Will be a throwback to my days living in Stoke Newington and riding out that way.

  • Sweet! I'm in

  • Paging @Crowbar

  • @Nath how's the route looking?

  • Sorry but won't make this - forgot we have Nic's family staying this weekend so my riding window means I have to be home by 9:30 :-(

  • ^^ the same as posted for now. Gonna try it out tomorrow to pick the café stop.

    Who else is joining? LMNH isn't that far for you lot in SE.

  • I am defo in. Looking forward to it.

  • LMNH isn't that far for you lot in SE.

    @Demeaux and I are racing. @biarittz is 'helping his mum move', which is not, he insists, a euphemism.

  • His mum is a lovely mover. So i've read.

  • Sorry buddy, I need to do some fast riding on Sunday as I can't ride Saturday for trainer buying.

  • ^ Ok :'(

    So, I have no time to ride the route to scope out a cafe stop, however, I have internetzed some options.

    1) Poppy's Cafe in Epping (36km in):

    2) Abridge Garden Centre (46km in):

    3) The Wigley Bush (56km in):­afe/cafe/55/The-Wigley-Bush

    4) Acorn Hut Waltham Abbey (75km in, probs too far, least favourite):

    I think I'm leaning towards Wigley, but thought I would see what you lot think before I change the route.

  • Wigley Bush has the best name.

  • Unless there's a very short version of a bridge at Abridge Garden Centre.

  • Wigley it is then.

  • Have a good ride.

    I cannot make any more Sunday rides until my next ride in March. 😔

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CLUB RUN NORTH November 6th 2016.

Posted by Avatar for Nath @Nath