Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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  • Feeling for u Nath. Woke up Sat morn and put my neck out, thanks to sleeping in dodgy position, thanks to the kids bundling in with us. So pissed off, looking forward to this ride for ages. But, thanfully not too bad. Gonna dose up and give it a go.

  • Conundrum now is lack of sleep, hangover and how many layers to wear.

  • See you all there!

  • I'm in

  • As previously mentioned I won't be a bushy till closer to 9:45 as I can't leave the house till my mum comes to look after Pearl and that time could be a bit flexible!

    If I'm not there by the time you all meet please ride on and I'll catch you.

    Don't stand around in the cold waiting!

  • Beautiful morning for it. So gutted I can't make the ride.

  • It appears to be -3 C outside so we don't want anyone standing around

  • -6 here. Toasty.

  • Maybe we should just go straight to Giro :)

  • Pesky kids delay play. Not gonna make the start in time. Will meet you at BH if you do the full route.

  • Having moved the thermometer further into the garden I got -5 C. So you still win.

  • Yeah it's pretty cold out

  • Have a safe ride all. Wrap up warm.

  • Is there ice on the roads? That's more my concern than the cold

  • Arrggh, got everything ready for the ride, all neatly laid out for a quick getaway and my mum has just bailed on me so I have to stay and look after Pearl now.

    Have a great ride, keep warm.

  • Yes, my thinking too.

    I'm planning to ride out to the park and make a call.

    Surrey have gritted their 'Priority 1' routes apparently.­

  • Always difficult to tell how icy it will be in the lanes until you get out there. London is a different kettle of fish

  • Same, I'm heading to RP and will make a call there.

  • I'm coming out to the park to wave you guys off. I'm having real trouble with my teeth at the moment and the cold makes it worse. I slept for about an hour last night and the pain killers aren't even touching it. The dentist says it's sensitivity and will die down in a week or so but it feels like the nerves are being pulled. Sarah is coming too to say hello/good luck.

  • There is a frost out here in the sticks, but considering its -6 it's not as thick as you'd think. So it's pretty dry if you get what I mean.

  • We are all falling apart. Hope you, Sam and Nath heal tfu soon. My neck is still bad, don't think I can risk the ice.

  • Did the g crew go out? Currently at BH after ibuprofen kicked in nicely.

  • Seen them on the gram

  • Great to see everyone. Sorry we bailed early. A combination of being concerned about potential ice and needing to be back for family lunch meant I chose Giro over Box Hill. But kinda wished I'd stayed out now. It was beautiful out there in the Grupetto train

  • Lovely ride in memory of the gaffer. Managed to avoid most the ice. Felt like hard work in those temps. I think that was the coldest bike ride I've ever done! Sean Kelly awards all round

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Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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