Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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  • Richmond Park
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  • Ooof. Low blow.

  • paging

    @MrParker @MarkformerlyMonkey @Gooseman

    I've texted Sir Hippy of Ealing

  • i'll be there

  • Never thought I would say this but if you can be at Bushy Park a bit later than usual I may be able to make it, all depends on getting my Mum to come and look after Pearl for the morning and she won't be up for a super early start but there is potential to be at Bushy by 9:45 if she is free.

    Will find out this weekend and update.

  • Has this been/should this be shared on LFGSS, or do we want to keep it CSG?

    Looking forward to seeing you all, and meeting David. LFGSS was the beginning of cycling for me, and what led me to meet Wayne and all of you, so thank you @Velocio. Nath (aka FixedCheese).

  • @Nath

    We may do a LFGSS special too.

  • Hippy is back in UK for 22nd so looking promising.

  • A bridges ride?

  • Wayne did like the bridges rides, he used to do them in the early days off LFGSS but they then went a bit mental so he stopped going. Would be fun to do a Wayne Bridges ride with LFGSS– I've never ridden one.

  • Just looking at weather for 21/22nd. Could be a bit mental.

  • They're fun as long as you:
    accept it's going to take time
    someone will puncture
    someone will get lost (not me - i promise)
    accept you might not get home til late

  • You forget to mention John Mack getting angry.

  • This is different from a club run, how?

  • Yeah, that's a very good point.
    Also, someone will fall off.

  • No cheese straws. More skinny jeans.

  • Don't go spreading fear!

  • Too far away to worry about really

  • It's January. Bring it on!

  • Long range forecast is long range...

  • Hopefully picking up my replacement front wheel this week so bike should be up and running again. Out the night before but can probably behave enough to make the start. :)

  • Stay out all night?

  • It wouldn't be the first time. It likely won't be the last.

  • Borrowing a Di2 Cervelo C5 for this.

    So should be there on the start line.

    Have only ridden a few times this year... but should be good for this.

  • I considered getting one of those (actually a C3) but then realised I couldn't afford it :)

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Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

Posted by Avatar for Ricky @Ricky