Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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  • If it's icy I reserve the right to ride the balloonbike or the double boingy thingie

  • What does the 'C' stand for?

  • If the weather is foul. We can ride to Giro! and eat some eggs. Wayne would have approved.

  • Giro! Not been there but it's miles away from RP. ;)
    How about a lap and then a Baileys in the nearest pub?

  • It's only 8 miles. We can make it if we all work together and take turns on the front, nobody gets dropped and we regroup on the hills.

  • 8 mile? Wasn't there a film about that?

  • What does the 'C' stand for?

    No idea, I know nothing about Cervelo. I presume this is like a Citroen inspired numbering scheme and that this is family hybrid bike of their litter like the C5 saloon car is for Citroen.

    All I know is that it has Di2 and should fit me. All this I mentioned to my hairdresser this morning, who was bewildered by the thought of bicycles having electronic gears. I am attempting to regain this degree of naivety by knowing nothing about the current ranges of bikes by any major manufacturer.

  • 'C' = Cabbages

    C5 = 5 cabbages and is better than the original 'C' frameset, which didn't have any cabbages.

  • Oh goodie, a source of propellant.

  • Looks glorious!!!

  • I love it when the temperature hits positive digits...

  • Don't worry, in the shade of the lanes it will still be negative numbers and treacherous.

    Borrowing an expensive bike suddenly doesn't seem so smart.

  • You'll be fine.

  • Bring mudguards. Or sit at the back :0)

  • Actually praying my back can sort itself out by Sunday. Put it out last Wednesday, a frequent occurrence, however this is the longest the ache has carried on for. Was proper spasming earlier, almost like I'd put my fingers in a plug socket :0(

    Should be fun commuting to work tomorrow in -1.

  • How was the commute?

  • My back was terrible in the night. Woke at 4, couldn't sleep from the pain, so at 5:30 I got up and told work that I'd have to work from home.

  • Sorry to hear that Sam. Hope you find the cause soon.

  • Old age most probably!

    Chiropractor tomorrow.

  • I heard Campag causes back pain.

    Same, have you considered a 'bent?

  • Back pain is the worst - feel for you Sam. Hope things improve. See a doc and get physio asap.

    Looking forward to this ride chaps.

  • You can make it now?

  • 20 people have clicked 'attending'. Will it be the largest ever Grupetto outing?

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Annual Wayne Peach memorial ride

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