CSG Ride North - Sunday 24th September

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  • Hello all!

    Just under 90km and only 700m of climbing.

    Meet and finish at Hub Velo. No cafe stop but some cake at the end.

    9am start.


  • @Nath I'll move this into the Sunday rides listing.

  • Are we going back to that farm shop for cheesy chips ?

  • Cheers Ricky.

    Dave, they were closing, remember? We shall never experience the beauty of that day again.

    I might try to figure out a shorter route that might involve a train out, for maximum lane pleasure and a decent coffee stop.


  • Gutted but still putting myself down for this one.

  • I'm hoping my puncture will have sealed by then so I'm a firm tentative

  • Hub Velo has just opened as a bigger shop with coffee available! We'll meet there instead of LMNH as they are nicer and it means no whack Old St riding.

  • Hey folks! What's the appetite for this? Longer 100km+ type jobbie or something short around 70km?

  • Well, last time (Ved ride) we cut the 125km short because we were all mangled after 50km

  • I could dig out an audax route for real lols?

  • Ok, some ideas. Combinations of routes I've done and Strava thievery.





  • Looks like a weird spiky balloon being inflated.

  • Yes. Yes it does.

    Gonna join?

  • The 90km looks good.

  • I blame Jon.

  • It was Ved drilling it on the front wot done it.

  • Provisionally in for this Mr Cheese... my pref would be the 80 or 90 km route as is 16kms each way from Sw18 to hub velo and ideally not out all freakin day. I guess this is the deal for you on every Surrey ride!

  • I'll try to ride both routes before the day and decide which one is best.

    Anyone else in? A change of scene really invigorates your riding!

  • I'm going to try and make it.

  • Route up! Who else is in?

  • The weather looks AMAZING!! In fact the next few days are going to be great! So up for this....

  • Here are some reasons to join Nath on this ride (aside from the stellar company)

    (Do keep on reading after the first one as the others are good too)

  • Sorry but I can't make this now .

    Anyone considering a trip north should go , the last one was a great ride out!

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CSG Ride North - Sunday 24th September

Posted by Avatar for Nath @Nath