A Saturday in Kent

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  • Cadence, Crystal Palace
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  • I have something so rare, I can't remember the last time I possessed one, a Saturday morning pass.

    So please join me for a 50 mile ride in Kent. I'll plot a route later but it will likely feature Brasted Chart and Ide Hill.

  • @andyp if its cool with you I'm moving this into the Casual Ride thread.

  • Fila, Adidas, Stone Island, that kind of thing?

    No problem with moving it, wasn't sure where the right place to post it was.

  • If it isn't raining (I'm too old and unfit for any of that crap), and you don't mind a slowcoach coming along, I'll be at Cadence for 8:30am. I won't do the whole route though, I'd peel off at an appropriate place for am amble back home.

  • You are very welcome @Sam

  • Seeing if I can sneak away on this one, the kids both have parties to attend, which is convenient. But I think Emma has earmarked it for herself already.

  • Is anyone considering the LFGSS 10th Birthday celebrations later that day?

  • I did. But then I thought no.

  • No. No one would know who I was, despite being original member number three hundred and something.

  • I appear to have a shared Filofax fail. The missus had a hair appointment in the diary for 2pm, but apparently she changed it "ages ago" but didn't update on my phone. Sorry Andy.

  • Hair appointments, the bane of my life.

    You have my sympathies.

  • I only found out recently that they always knock a zero off the end when they tell you how much it costs.

    Women I mean, not hairdressers.

  • Are we still on for this? Anybody else?

  • Yes, still good. Think I'll struggle to make 0830 though, so do you want to make it 0900?

  • 9 is good for me too. You will have to wait for me at the top of hills...

  • I am up for it too.

    I may be a bit slow. I have a stiff hip after getting skittled by a car last week. If I struggle I may have to bail out mid-route.

  • You always say that. Let's see.

  • We'll look after you. Plenty of bailing options if needed though.

  • Cheers Andy.

  • In

  • Thanks for a great ride guys. Dat wind though...

  • Thanks guys. Enjoyed it.

    I also have tan lines on my legs and arms.


  • It was nice to shout at Andy as we crossed paths this morning. Alex and the other two saw you going up the hill.
    "That jersey's too big for him"

  • It's a gilet, but, yes it is too big for me.

    I'd just seen some other Park Runners when I saw you, didn't expect to see you (still don't have you down as a runner) so apologies for my tardiness in recognising you.

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A Saturday in Kent

Posted by Avatar for andyp @andyp