Stash Ride - Ode to the drunk cyclist

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  • Last summer I went on a 'stash ride' around some of the leafy spaces in South London and I thought it could be fun to replicate for the club this summer?

    Basically, I go around stashing nice small cans of beer and snacks in various locations around South West London's parks (Wimbledon Park, Wimbledon Common, Richmond Park, Ham Common, Petersham Meadows etc) and we cycle around and drink them.

    The route will be around 20 - 30 miles and probably take 3 hours so am suggesting we meet after lunch at 2pm. It will include a trail race up the north side Dark Hill with a special prize for the winner.

    Rules of engagement:
    £5 entry fee payable in cash on the day to me - this will buy you 5 cans of beer and some snacks
    Any bike is fine but will be a mix of trails and roads to connect parks eg the tamsin trail
    10 people max allowed to join ride but buddies etc welcome

    Needs to be said - taxis may be required at the end of the event should you not be safe to ride and neither the club nor I accept any responsibility for you at any stage. You agree you are an adult and can look after yourself etc blah blah

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  • Ah the heady days of lane beers on a TNRC....

  • I thought this was a similar offering

  • Nice disclaimer at the end. Good work.

  • BUMP -is anyone keen for this?

  • Can't we just go to pub at the end ?

    Cross biek piss up?!

  • yep we can of course if people are not up for this format... could be best to get out first thing on cross bikes / mtb in that scenario and then have a couple around lunch...

  • Can we have some examples of beer and snacks one would stash?

  • Might be more convenient for a lot of us as an evening thing. Spouses tend to let the other one free when they know they will be left alone with the kids for only a short while b4 bedtime. Go for June when the days are longest.

  • It would be all the best beers Ved such as budweiser and carling etc ;)

    Yep fair play - will postpone this for later in the year

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Stash Ride - Ode to the drunk cyclist

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D