CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

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  • So we are back at Herne Hill on the 5th August . The main difference is that we have been asked to incorporate the Roadmans 25 race as well ( which was a favourite of Waynes).

    In terms of organisation myself and Dan are just finalising a few things with Herne Hill over the programme but it will include our ever popular Team Sprints and as I mentioned the Roadmans , which should attract some of the good enduro riders. As always there will be Youth and Womens races ( I am just confirming the women's programme with Euan at HH as we will probably run a shorter Roadwomans race in conjunction with the mens 25).

    To start with can you confirm your attendance ( and if you plan to race) . I will post some job descriptions in the coming weeks.But if you really want to help me out and play a bigger part in the day let me know as we could do with some extra help in the run up .

    We also need some help with prizes. Wayne used do a unbelievable job chasing up shops/ suppliers /contacts etc getting the prizes. At present if you have any ideas please let me know . In particular we could use some help with the Youth prizes - caps, musettes , bottles etc . If anyone has contacts that we could use that would be great .

    I'll update again with the confirmed programme as soon as it is confirmed.

  • Nice work track team !

    @Anton_D time to train! You have your induction now. Also we need to get you track bike ;)

    @Matt_N @Sam-G - guys this is the event I mentioned. You should try and come along and experience Herne Hill racing. You would both enjoy it. Plenty of time to get accreditation down there too.

    @dave_mac when I am back from holiday I will try to contact some prize sponsors.

    LMNH are normally first port of call.

  • Now we are talking.... Am going to head down one Sat, hire a bike and do a skills session... That induction was top drawer

  • I would like to attend and maybe race depending on where I get to with it all... and obviously help out etc

  • I'm up for attending Dave and happy to help in any way I can.

  • I'll be there taking pics

  • @MarkformerlyMonkey have sent you a pm in regard to pics for prizes. thanks.

  • Thanks @Ved for this. I'm up for trying this, no idea how I'll fare mind you! I'll try and get an induction booked in the next month. I'm also more than willing to help out on the day.

  • You will be fine. You're a strong rider.

  • I've lost track, but do you need race accreditation to race Open Meets?

  • I believe so, yes.

  • Saying that, we've never checked.

    Not sure there's time to get race accredited between now and then. Can't see any accred. sessions in the calendar

  • I will double check as I have the quidelines at home but for open season I think you just need track accreditation rather than race .

  • Most trackies have the UK wide track accreditation on their BC license.

  • This is what i have in the organisers pack:

    • Open Seasons do not require accreditation for riders to take part, be it HHV accreditation, Lee Valley stage 4, or UK Track accreditation. The idea is to keep it as an ‘open event’. This offers riders a chance to compete against riders from other velodromes such as Reading, Welwyn, Preston Park etc and also means that you stand a better chance of populating your categories. Please do not however, specifically advertise it as an accredtation free race that anyone can enter otherwise anyone could show up.

    However the website  says:

    Do I need to be accredited to ride Open meetings?

    This is at the race organiser’s discretion. Usually riders based at or near Herne Hill will be expected to have passed a race accreditation, while riders travelling from further afield won’t be expected to.

  • In which case I'd like to be considered for selection should there be a Team Pursuit :0)

  • That only really applies to the unified accred process for BC tracks - Derby / Newport / London / Manchester / Glasgow

    Loads of regular HH riders with HH accred. won't have done that.

  • Good news.

  • Confirmed programme below.

    We have to make a couple of tweaks to make this work but Euan and myself feel we have got a programme that works but includes both the team sprints and the Roadmans but also gives the B's and the women a good event.

    If anyone is interested this will be the longest women only race run at HH, so will be worthy of the Roadwomens tag. It is felt that it provides good progression to women's racing at HH and provides a step forward .

    Youth A/B 8 Lap Scratch
    Men Team Sprint Heats
    Women Team Sprint Heats
    Youth A/B 3 Lap Dash
    Men's B 12 Lap Course de Primes
    Women 12 Lap Course de primes
    Mens B 3 lap dash
    Womens 3 Lap Dash
    Men's A 12 Lap Course de Primes
    Youth A/B Elimination
    Men's B Elimination
    Women Elimination
    Men's A Elimination
    Youth A/B 10 Lap Points
    Men Team Sprint Final
    Women Team Sprint Final
    Men's B 12 lap scratch
    Women Roadwomans 15km
    Men's A Roadman's 25m

    In terms of prizes , we need to try and fill 12 prize bags for the youth riders. Please can you think of ideas etc .

    I'll be posting jobs etc shortly but any questions just ask.

    Anyone who has volunteered so far , thank you ,

  • Get Anton a shave and he'll probably podium the youth series

  • Srs complement.

  • Looks like a good programme. Nice work Dave.

  • No TP :0(

    Is a 3 lap dash as obvious as it sounds, i.e. a 1.35km TT? If so, I'd love to be able to ride it. Or is it a bunch sprint malarkey?

    I'll see what I can do at work regarding kids giveaways, @dandan any ideas who I can speak to?

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CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

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