CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

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  • Bring it like that. Perfect excuses.

  • Lolz.

    Maybe next year.

  • Going off subject slightly @Bobbiego did you know that Steve Parker has moved to Bristol, so if you want someone to tear your legs off I can give you his mobile number? I'm sure he would like to be show some routes.

  • I haven't ridden my bike since April.

  • I got some new cycling shoes this week though, which is almost like riding a bike.

  • Happy to lend out my bike if anyone wants a stab at team sprinting. However badly it goes it can't be as bad as Dulwich paragon...

  • Looks like some heavy rain through tomorrow afternoon is forecasted :-(

  • Forecasts are always wrong... It always rains when they say it won't; it never rains when they say it will (and you have stayed indoors).

  • I'm 50/50 for this. Daddy issues.

  • Turn up at 12 still?

    I've convinced Alex to being the family plus others if the weather is acceptable.

  • By 12.30 if doing sign in so I can show details and hand over the cash box.

    Everyone else at 1pm .

    Sign in starts at 1pm.
    Warm up at 1.30pm
    Racing starts at 2pm

  • Great. I'll tell the fans to wait until 130. Unless they want to watch sign in.....

  • Toilet Snax

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  • I approve

  • How many EOL spots are there for the roadmans?

  • 5 - if you know someone who wants to ride it and the A's tell them to get there early to sign on .

  • Have a great day everyone. Sorry again I can't be there.

    I am there in spirit as two Gubbeen washed-rind cow's milk cheeses from County Cork.

  • Thanks for the cheese Nath - there are a coupe of quality riders who definitely trying to win them.

    I think the Nuun Sigma Sport team are going to try to secure the cheese through team tactics and take it way.

  • I'm happy to let my place go if we fill up and someone else wants to take it (would be good if I could recoup the £15 if that happens as I was only likely to do the Roadmans).

    I'll be down for 1pm so see you then

  • We need a CSG shirt in the race!! Maybe I'll share when the first prime is and you can make an early break...

  • Well, I'm happy to give it a go, but I'll be dropped and out pretty swiftly!

  • See you all there, remember:

    Sign in people 12.30 , everyone else from 1pm for a 2pm race start.

  • Family issues, general excitement friends coming over. I'm trying to get out....

  • I will be down around 1.30pm with Katy and the little lad

  • Should be there about 1:30 with Ele and the girl, oh, and the broken wrist....

    Connies bringing her bike and is going to shred it

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CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

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