CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

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  • Herne Hill Velodrome
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  • Stuck in traffic. Palace home game

  • I thought we did well. That lap board doe.

  • Another great event :)

    Massive props to Dave Mac who made it happen.

  • Apparently the first person on the lap board was useless.

  • Absolutely. Chateau to you @dave_mac.

  • He was a liability.

  • I heard his bell bashing was pretty limp.

    Props to @Crowbar for being my bar bitch for the 90 lap Roadmans!

  • Well done everyone who took part, helping, racing, lap counters, gate Marshall etc etc. Big up Dave Mac, Will and Ricky.

    Good to see the rain did not dampen events. The new stand is pwoper.

  • I'm am hungover af

  • Thanks to everyone who helped out and/or provided prizes.

    Dov /Sam - the youth loved the shirts, caps , bottles and fidget spinners. A lot of parents were impressed ( apart from the fidget spinners) ...

    Riders seemed pretty happy , just a shame more didn't risk the weather .

  • I heard several riders say the race programme was really good.

  • Also the man of the moment Alec was very complementary of the day.

  • No need to thank me. This was a Dave Mac Production (DMP). With, I think, help from Ricky.

  • I appear to have lost one sock. If anyone frequents HHV regularly, could they see if there is a black Carnac sock in lost property? Has a logo on the top of an upside down '3'.

    Yes, I am devastated before anyone asks.

  • I'm sorry for your loss.

  • Damo has his bike nicked and you cry over a sock!? :)

  • If you find the sock, maybe check if Damo's bike is inside?

  • Ha ha ha

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who helped out on Saturday, we couldn't put on such a well received and anticipated day. Without your help it really wouldn't happen without the sign on boys, the lap counter, sprint holders, gate marshals, commissaires, results takers and official photographer.

    A special big thank you though to Dave Mac as always who encouraged, chased and cajoled everyone from British Cycling, Herne Hill and the riders without a grumble.

    We'll need to review the event to see if we put it on again, it's a huge amount of effort both before and on the day and if we are making a loss financially it's a tough one to keep rolling but whatever do instead it will be done in the Grupetto way.

    Thanks again Dave!

  • Was sorry not to be around this year, glad it all went off okay!

  • Very good day for sure and a valiant effort by @Geraint to mix it up with the big dogs...

    Well done @dave_mac and all the rest of you guys who were allowed into the centre of the track ;)

    At least ma boy managed to achieve a silver medal for the club

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    • Boy Silver.jpg
  • Youth Champ award at the club dinner.

  • Sorry it's taken so long but here are the pics from the track day

    Probably needed another edit but keen to share and remove from the 'to do' list!

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CS Grupetto Open Season Track Event 2017

Posted by Avatar for dave_mac @dave_mac