Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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  • It's a badge of honour. I'd have to go 6 minutes slower than last time. With training I might be able to achieve that.

  • We could set up a bar half way up, so that people can stop for a swift pint

  • Genius idea.

    And we could have an egg & spoon style 'ride to the top without spilling your pint' race.

  • Tell her to take her bike and stick a jersey on her.

  • Another genius idea.

    Surely a cert for the 1st Grupetto woman while still beating Damo.

  • Oooooof

  • OK, I'm in to help (not ride).

    I have two hard burners I can bring along and I'm planning on driving down so can offer lifts.

    Last year I was wth starter (along with @Gutchings) so happy to do that again as I know the drill.

  • Ok, we should start making a list of those racing or spectating.

    We can organise the ride out there separately (in the corresponding ride thread).

    So far, we might have the following, and I have provisionally grouped them (possibly incorrectly).


    (Maybe also @SeƱor_Bear and his Rapha ringers)

    Spectators (or helping):

    Any more? Any changes?

    For those of you new-ish to Grupetto it's definitely worth coming along as this has become a classic event. It's a very relaxed (with surprising levels of competition for the slowest time) so competing is fun. And you get some bacon (or veggie equivalent).

  • Sounds good! I'm getting fat again so I doubt I'll be competing for the win!

  • @Will you could win this, just put down the clipboard for 6 mins and smash it.

  • I am up for competing.

  • Will, you iz good climbr. Yooz shud race.

  • @PhilChannon @Sam-G @Matt_N

    Guys - you will actually be good at this. Unlike the old timers... (myself included).

    @Will - big Jod is also competing. @Crowbar

  • If anyone hasn't seen Dommy's video from his cock cam. Worth a watch. SFW.

  • Yeah, race it @Will!

  • I get back that evening from holiday so unfortunately I'll miss this. Would have enjoyed getting involved. Hope the day goes well guys!

  • Sorry I will be on holiday

  • Ohh I'm out on the sauce on the Saturday, I'm keen though so put me down as a competitor, just wanted to lead with an excuse immediately.

  • I remember my first hill climb. it was beautiful. I didn't try hard enough.

  • I'm racing in Brighton so won't make it. Again.

  • Ah would have loved to get involved in this. Unfortunately I'm away that weekend so won't make it. Hope you all have a great day though!

  • That is the Grupetto spirit!

  • Gonna dust down the skinsuit for this ...

  • Don't know whether to go before or after you now.

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

Posted by Avatar for Will @Will