Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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  • Bacon please. Dan, can you bring it down even if it is cancelled? Thanks.

  • Talk on the lfgss cross thread is of interesting weather making an usually full course more interesting.

    There's no tyre chat yet. But there's time.

  • I'm going to have to bail on this unfortunately as GF's now over from Paris

  • Remembering the time I rode to catford hc with Dan in the pissing rain.

  • Good times. Standing around with all your soggy clothes shoved inside my soaking wet rain jacket and pouring hot tea over my hands to get some feeling back in them.

  • Shivering like a shitting dog. Ripped the tyre on the way down. Looking a total mess when I was down there.

    Would do again.

  • Sadly you have just missed the closing date for this year.

  • oh no

  • The forecast continues to be volatile. It's looking better. Who knows how it will end up? Wow.

  • My family are out. Norah has a grimmers cold, Alex unwell. Miriam fine. Me. Hopefully fine.

  • Currently heavy rain forecast for about 10am and then ok after/apart from that

  • Let's all hide in Dan's car at 10am while it lashes it down.

  • We'll all be in the rain because we'll have ridden through it. Wont we?


  • Yeah, better forecast showing now.

  • Yes, it's looking a lot better. Just over 3 hours until the formal announcement. Stay tuned kids.

  • Will you bring Miriam?

    Lydia and the boys will be there so can help whilst you gurn up hill.

  • Do any of the people driving out have a folding picnic or decorators table?

  • The hill climb is on.

    I repeat: the hill climb is on.

    We've announced early to give you more time to train.

    Good luck.

  • I'll be riding out....and trying not to fall apart.

  • Good luck tomorrow guys, gutted to be missing this one :(

  • Back next week ?

  • I have a folding table but pretty small ?

  • What sort of time will we be home and dry by?

  • Should be done with the 'race' by 11:30 and then (depending on pace) it's about an hour and half or so back to Herne Hill. People are heading to Canopy for prize-giving and some beers but no need to do that if you've got deadlines.

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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