Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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  • Good luck everyone, I'll not be thinking of you as I race around some windswept playing fields near Brighton.

  • I'm out. The cold kicked in. Kids are germbags.

  • Ah poop. Always the way, you get a pass, you think your can get out, but

  • Have fun representing

  • Sorry guys, my plans have changed and I now have to host my father instead of attend this. Genuinely gutted - wanted to test my HC climbing legs. Hope you have fun & the weather's kind.

  • A nice morning out, despite the wet cold breezy start.

    Thanks Dan and Eb for the bacon!

    5 secs faster than last year, 392w avg. Too heavy for hillclimbs.

  • Did a Grumpy win?

  • So glad my seasons over. It's been too long and I've made loads of sacrifices to save mass and keep my power up.

  • We were all winners.

    In other words, no.

  • Honest climb that.

  • Great job everyone. Despite the wavering weather it worked out ok in the end (as far as I could tell from the safety and warmth of the car).

    We did pretty well:

    • 03:34 - Phil 'Dark Horse' Channon (=6th)
    • 04:08 - Sam 'Skinsuit' Day (13th)
    • 04:18 - Vedran 'Blacktop' Kosoric (15th)
    • 05:48 - Pete 'Steady' Paterson (25th)

    The winners were Chris Tono (03:19) and Christine Robson (04:28). Amusingly the standout winner of the men's race last year Nimai Inniss (02:57) got DFL this year (06:23). Incredible to see how the year of living in the UK after his time in South America has affected his fitness and waistline.

    Thanks to those of you that were able to brave the elements to ride. And huge thanks to Dan and Eb for plundering the Ray Mears eXtreme survival handbook to successfully reanimate the bacon, and to Ricky for starter and chauffeur duties.

  • Women

    Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017
    Club Name Time Placing (women)
    BC Christine Robson 04:28 1
    BC Katie Palmer 04:50 2 =
    BC Katie Styles 04:50 2 =

    Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017
    Club Name Time Placing (men)
    BC Chris Tono 03:19 1
    BC Melis 'Iceman' van den Berg 03:25 2
    BC Rowley Clifford 03:27 3
    BC Jamie Steere 03:37 4
    BC James Farndon 03:40 5
    BC Joshua Dean 03:47 6 =
    CSG Phil 'Dark Horse' Channon 03:47 6 =
    BC Neil 'Steakn' Kidney 03:47 6 =
    BC Kyle Walker 03:51 9
    BC Jon Tyler 03:57 10
    BC Lam Phan 03:58 11
    BC Duncan Bryson 04:04 12
    CSG Sam ‘Skinsuit’ Day 04:08 13
    BC Ben Scruton 04:16 14
    CSG Vedran 'Blacktop' Kosoric 04:18 15
    BC Oliver Monaghan-Coombs 04:22 16
    BC Guiseppe Ebanks 04:24 17
    BC Nick Turnbull 04:26 18
    BC Michael Lum 04:27 19
    BC Patrick Mifsud 04:30 20 =
    BC Max Toulliou 04:30 20 =
    BC Andreas Henao 04:45 22
    BC Kam Tyran 05:01 23
    BC Anthony Domico 05:15 24
    CSG Pete 'Steady' Paterson 05:48 25
    BC Nimai 'Castro' Inniss 06:23 26 (DFL)

  • Bravo Grumpies

  • Well done everyone , gutted I couldn't be there with my stopwatch and clip board but family had to take priority this year.

  • Well, you can join us next year, although you might have bigger fish to fry...

  • Good to see everyone today. Thanks Dan, Ricky and Will.

  • Well done everyone, especially @Ved who isn’t exactly built for hill climbs.


  • Yep we’ll done everyone who rode and represented the Grumpies.

    @PhilChannon good to meet you and well ridden. @Ved top effort to drag the family along and fit in your race like a pro. @Pete and @PhilChannon for riding out and back in the rain and to @Dan and new fiancé!!!!! (Nice work again sir) for top catering.

    Massive thanks to @Will for organising again and for hearding the cats as usual.

  • Well done all and especially @PhilChannon for a solid effort... I chased @Ved up Ranmore last week and he is climbing like a beast!

  • Thanks for a great day chaps, turns out the winning element is bringing along an alternative front wheel for the climb. I will be sure to invest for next year..

  • You should come on a club run one day, Ved is a goat!

    Hats off to Phil though. Smashed it.

  • Chapeau @PhilChannon this is yours next year.

    The guy who won had tubs? Bought spare wheels?

  • Great news...

    It turns out that Kam Tyran (see results above) is female so Pete gets bumped up a place to 24th.

    Good things come to those who wait :)

  • How about next year we move this forward a month or two to coincide with some chance of decent weather?

    I know the HC season is late in the year, but the 'fun-in-the-sun season' is earlier.

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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