Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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  • Genius.

    We were pretty drunk last night @Crowbar the head to head will be contact or non- contact?

  • Brixton asked for it. I think it was raised at one of their committee meetings.

    I think the main reason is that it's a fair bit quicker to get to White Lane than it is to Exedown. (White Lane is about 13 miles from Crystal Palace while Exedown is about 21 miles.) So that would shorten the overall ride. Perhaps that will make it easier for more of us to join as well.

    While I prefer Exedown - because it's quieter and there's a lot more space - I'm ok with changing it. Unless anyone has any particular objections?

  • My only objections are
    it's a bollocks to climb
    It's a pain of a car comes down or up

  • I think you're right Damo. It is unreasonably hard.

    But, more importantly I think you're also right about cars. I went to have a look today, and was reminded how narrow it is i.e. single lane for the majority of it with just a few places where a car could pass a bike. Timed runs will be frustrated by cars coming up behind, and possibly (effectively) aborted by cars coming down.

  • Just went up this climb for the first time. Bitch of an ending to it. Had a couple of cars come down and it's pretty tight. 3:13, but can definitely improve on that

  • How long is Chalkpit?

  • Just over a kilometre.

  • It's long enough. I would guess it's probably longer as I reckon you'd want to start fairly low down (near the motorway) to be clear of the houses.

    But the finish would be tricky as from what I recall there isn't much space at the top. There is a bend near the top with some standing room but I don't think you'd want to end it there as you'd be missing the final section.

  • I find the beginning worst, just a grind, a couple of big lumps in the road, then when you come round the corner giving it the beans , theres another big lump ( oh hai Ved) pointing at his big lumps in your line of sight.

    It works for bec as they get road closed.....
    Chalkpit is a monster........

    Bug hill?

    What's the one, sunningvale? Near Biggin hill? There's another one in that area that you find if you go off the tik route and is proper grimmers.

  • Bigginberg would be fun but it's not that one.

  • I'm now working on the assumption that we'll stick with Exedown.

    I'm still happy to change if there interest in doing so, and a credible alternative is put forward, although I would need to have paid a visit to confirm its suitability.

    (This is not an invitation for you to send me all around the north downs ridge by randomly suggesting hills.)

  • I'm happy either way, both are good. White lane is closer. So back to the pub quicker.

  • Sorry Will, can't help myself. When this was first envisaged it was supposed to be quite close to town, but we couldn't find hills that someone hadn't nabbed for their own. We wanted Sunningvale Avenue, but V Velo had already grabbed it. Fackenden was chosen cos it was different and could be ours.

    Exedown is great but miles away. White Lane is great, but why do so many car cnuts use it?

    Might be unnecessary faff now, but some nearer to home possibilities are:

    Bug Hill as Damo suggests CR3 7LB
    Stambourne Way SE19 2PY
    Valleyfield Road SW16 2HU

    Most importantly, they are nearer to Canopy for after battle bants and beers.

    For messing about and having a good place to finish, Bug Hill is probs the best. Or we go on trend and have it up cross style up Church Lane CR3 7JX (maybe next year)

  • Can we find something about km long and no more than 5%? I can do them climbs.

  • This is a nice steady climb that I came across last week

  • As I said I'm happy to explore alternatives.

    I think the criteria need to be something like:

    • Reasonably wide road (so cars can pass)
    • Not much traffic (so we can write slogans, cheer people along, etc.)
    • Away from houses (so we can make noise shouting and vuvuzelaing etc.)
    • Plenty of space at the finish lane (for judging desk, 50/60 spectators, bacon van, etc.)

    Do any of those suggestions tick all the boxes?

  • Lusted hall lane
    Check out this segment on Strava: — Lusted Hall Ln

    Sorry this was the one I was on about.

    Bug hill is quiet. Valleyfield is,but the residents wouldn't welcome the noise.

    Sydenham hill wood path was used by dulwich once. It would tick the quiet, quick to get to, silly, boxes.

  • Lusted looks good.

  • Has this been resolved yet?

  • Isn't this pretty narrow too? Especially the first few hundred yards from the start, while you are still riding past a residential area.

  • I looked at those, not much of an area to congregate at the finish?

  • Seems like the logical thing to do is keep it the same as past year?

  • Stop being so sensible

  • Yeah!

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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