Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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  • Yes, definitely. We can pretend they're members.

    If you can borrow the Rapha catering van then that would be good too.

  • Repeating for the new page (to try to get a volunteer)

    Our famous world hill climb looms ever closer. I hope the training is going well for all of you.

    I'm in the process of organising it with the Brixton lads, and it will run as it has done for the last few years, with furious racing on the hill, some on-site refreshments, and then back to Canopy for the prize-giving and celebrations.

    It's our turn to do the 'catering' so I am looking for a volunteer to be Director of Nutrition. That would involve sorting out the bacon baps (and the few veggie alternatives). I think people have tended to pre-cook the bacon at home, and then re-heat and assemble on site. I will liaise with the Brixton crew to work out the numbers.

    Any volunteers?

  • Will, let me talk to EB about it.

    Persistent knee probs are going to rule me out of this - not ridden a bike for weeks (again). Sigh.

  • That would be super awesome. Please let me know if you can.

  • Just checked the calendar and we are going to watch NFL at Wembley that day. Need to be there by 2.30. What time is this likely to wrap up?

  • Yes. I can source a couple with gas (of the 'camping' genre more than industrial catering).

  • Ok. Aiming for a 10am kick-off.

    That assumes a coordinated start from CP (and it sounded like Brixton did that well last year).

    Allowing for faffing, and a field of up to 50 riders on the minute, we should be done around 11:30.

  • Let me negotiate this with the boss. Unfortunately, I've not passed my bloody driving test yet so I can't car unsupervised

  • I'd forgotten about your relationship with cars :)

    In case it helps with your negotiations there is a chance that Damo might be driving out (but I don't know whether that means with the newly-enlarged family as well).

  • We are driving out Dahn.

    Zipcar innit. So. German whip. I'm guessing I'll get the primo seat between two car seats and the two kids. You can have the cake on your lap.
    I'll need room for the bike in the back. Or I'll ride over.


  • Also:
    what was the slowest time last year?
    I'm aiming to get DFL.



  • nfl!!!

  • It never rains as they say. I have a wealth of invites for that pesky weekend and unfortunately (delayed) wedding anniversary celebration takes precedence over them all.

  • It's our anniversary the day before.

  • It's a tradition now of all your clan coming down to Exedown. You have to keep this up.

  • The way tonight's bedtime went, one of them might be getting left there.

  • Alex playing up again?

  • Always.

  • EB has made some positive noises about driving out. Will get confirmation this evening.

  • Huge. If. True.

  • Do we want a cheese for the winner and/or loser?

  • I was making a serious stab at being dfl....
    If there's a prize for it now, then I deffo won't win it....

  • Apparently a few people are after that award...

  • I was thinking to liven things up a bit we could issue cheese to the organiser?

    But, in all seriousness, if you did want to sort out any cheese prizes, then I am sure they would be gratefully received, and doubtless quickly consumed (at Canopy where the prizes will be awarded).

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Brixpetto World Hill Climb Championship 2017

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