Saturday 15th Sept morning ride - Hills via East Horsley

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  • Wildcroft Road by Green Man
  • Have a free morning on Sat so am planning to drive down to Surrey to do some hills from East Horsley....

    Have space for three people and bikes... its 20/30 min drive max down the a3 so no messing about and straight into the good stuff

    Meet around the green man pub at top of Putney Hill at 8am sharp

    BANGING weather forecast

  • Excellent idea!

  • Sadly have conflicting plans

  • Mending tables?

  • I am sure that was Will

  • Ah I’m over in windmill stroopwafel land at the weekend otherwise I would’ve been on this.

  • Is it just me who can't see the route?

  • Anton hasn’t made that route viewable to the public by the looks of it

  • Outrageous!

  • My riding this weekend is Sunday morning. Have a good one.

  • Can't make this as I'm doing the Revolve 24 this weekend- have a good one!

  • Wow. Hope it goes well.

  • If its not smashy I would be up for this

  • I’m still on hols.

  • Hi mate, well it wont be a smash fest BUT there wont be much effing about either as need to be back in town sharpish... up to you and will be doing this solo even if no one is about

  • Thanks mate, not my idea of idyllic cycling but should be a good experience. I'm in a 4 man team incase you thought I was bonkers enough to try it on my own.

  • Lol. Good luck Matt.

  • This has been postponed - so no one randomly turn up :)

  • How did it go Matt?

  • Yeah it was a lot better than I expected and a great challenge!

  • See you on the TT circuit next year then??

  • In all seriousness, I got the email from the CTT to renew the clubs membership for next season, so if anyone wants a bash, even just some midweek club events, then you're covered.

    And that, ladies and gents, is my once a year attempt at getting people into TTing.

  • Have you got a list of midweek ones?

  • Any in or near London?

  • Next years events won't have been set yet, but for club events around the London area, off the top of my head you have stuff at Hillingdon, the Olympic park, and the good old Bexley CC 10 up and down the A20 at Brands Hatch. There must be other club events though.

    Unfortunately most open events these days seem to need a car as they are either at stupid o'clock, miles from nowhere, or both.

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Saturday 15th Sept morning ride - Hills via East Horsley

Posted by Avatar for Anton_D @Anton_D