Christmas Club Run // SUNDAY 23rd December 2018

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  • Christmas Club Run

    Sort your shopping out early and get this date in the filofax.

    A proper day out with the club. An early start but letting the train take the strain and junk miles to Reading. Riding to Christmas Common through the picturesque lanes of Berkshire and Oxfordshire, passing through Assenden, Cock Pole Green and Stoners Green for 'gram points. 47 miles of loveliness with coffee stop around mile 35 at Velo Life.

    Then back to Reading to get the train home and enjoy some Christmas train cheer.


    Meeting points:

    Clapham Junction for 07:48 train
    Richmond station for 07:57 train

  • Pete's in...yes!! Haven't seen you since the bbq. Too long.

  • Be good to see you mate.

  • I will vladimir into my filofax

  • Yes! Two top big fellas to shelter behind.

  • In for this.... Well done Sam... obviously G will also come right as he is doing the route!

  • I very much hope so.

    Plan B would be Box Hill standard and pub.

    Plan C, if weather is dire, is laps and then pub.

  • Forget laps and Box Hill - Plan B should be cross bikes or MTBing in Peaslake followed by a proper country pub... protected by trees

  • But not everyone has the equipment, so this is a roadie ride, weathering all that can be thrown at us....crisps, cake, pies, cheese straws, Lagunitas, etc., etc.

    That is a good suggestion for another day, maybe over the Xmas period.

  • Yep, as I said, only as a plan B if its icy / biblical outside and it affects attendance....

    I am well up for an epic day on the road bike but if its completely mingin then good to have a completely different plan to fall back on.

    Bikes can be rented for relatively small £ at Swinley without any notice... same in Peaslake but as they are Santa Cruz bikes they are spenny.

  • I think my time over Christmas is limited. I have a feeling a trip to Essex to see Alex's grandparents is on the cards for that day.

    I'll have a look at my calendar and cross plans.

    I agree with you Sam, Christmas club run is a club run to remember the year gone by. To toast it. To roll slowly and chat. To remember spills and thrills and new purchases not yet used. To dream of training plans and sticking to them. To audaxes planned. To cross hurdles ridden and not fallen at. To corners taken at speed, to hills conquered and slopes of suffering.
    To all the things we have and haven't achieved in 2018 because of life.
    Not a let's get gnarly to the max rad dad's brown pow wooo I've got combat shorts and body armour on, oh hang on i need to bleed my brakes and use my expensive dropper post ting.

  • I wonder how Graham is getting on with this route...

  • You never cease to amaze me

  • My dropper post is ace , it’s perfect for putting my MTB in the shed under the shelf that previously preventing bikes fitting there .

    That’s what it’s for isn’t it?

  • Ah. Maybe that's the solution for the bike that needs to hang up in my shed. A dropper post.

  • With the evocative nature of my prose?
    Or the internet putdowns?

  • Will try to make this. Am back on the bike and trying to lose the divorce weight.

    Have managed 6 girlfriends and a nervous breakdown this year. Huzzah.

    In other news I need winter gloves, any suggestions?

  • Rapha Black Friday sale starts at midnight.

    Hit me up mofos

  • This is like Wetherspoons poetry

  • Yes please. Am so skint.

  • Tidy. Thanks Dov.

  • You get 20% off of the BF prices unless you're Dommy then it's only 8%

  • Will take you up on that. Am proper brassic. Am surviving on gifts from MILFs

  • Can increase your discount for MILF nudes

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Christmas Club Run // SUNDAY 23rd December 2018

Posted by Avatar for biarittz @biarittz